Mike Pence Destroys Clown

Deranged clown robs debate of dignity, punished by Indiana governor

joker-kaineNo matter which side of the political fence you might be on, you saw that Gov Mike Pence pummeled Sen Tim Kaine in last night’s debate.

Taking a page from Joe Biden’s drug induced debate performance of a few years ago, Kaine put on the creepy clown smiley face and persuaded America that he was actually trying out for Batman 12 – Resurrection of Joker. With a style of interruptions never seen before in presidential level debates, he embarrassed himself and quite possibly Hillary Clinton (assuming embarrassment is even possible for these two).

Pence wisely did not allow the adolescent antics of Kaine to get under his skin, stayed focused, and even professed his Christian faith in a way not often seen on a debate stage. He demonstrated class and accurately described the lessening of our nation’s security under the watch of Hillary and Obama, all the while Kaine was verbally poking him with a stick.

Team Trump looks real heroic after last night’s performance. 

The question of whether the VP candidate could rise to the occasion and be presidential was clearly answered.  While Pence showed authority and an appropriate demeanor for the office, should he ever be called upon, Kaine revealed an oddly sociopathic face of the current Democrat party.

And there are no more do-overs for the vice presidential candidates.  Kaine hopped on and rode the crazy train for the full 90 minutes never looking back. Pence knew to get off the tracks.  It was that easy.

And Michigan is in play folks.

The level of activity here by Trump himself, and the Clinton family surrogates is a fairly strong clue.

And even Kaine might well have shown up in another way.


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  3 comments for “Mike Pence Destroys Clown

  1. 10x25MM
    October 5, 2016 at 10:18 am

    Governor Pence's debate performance was especially important, given Clinton's demonstrated poor health. Who knows whether Creepy Kaine would become President during a Clinton Administration?

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  2. JD
    October 6, 2016 at 4:55 am

    With Trump's debate performance(s) still a question mark,; Pence's handling of a similarly easy opponent heaps enormous historic pressure on a man tasked with being the next Washington or Lincoln.

    In regards to history, the man must know that he is but one or two (similarly) eloquent addresses/defenses away with God (similarly) as his pilot of capturing the souls needed to literally save our country or (minimum) alter world events in the short term.

    If he can't (now) mimic Pence or give the impression that he is as she pulls out every women card ever played as the two go at it in person in an epic showdown?

    Pence's deft handling of her underling will loom even larger in American history.

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  3. KG One
    October 6, 2016 at 11:50 am

    My $0.02 from Tuesday Night:

    Sen. Kaine was in true typical democrat form Tuesday Night (similar to the types I deal here in this part of Macomb). All that I got from him was that his debate "prep" failed to cover the basic things like taxes ("release your tax returns"...again and again and again), foreign policy (Hillary going toe-to-toe with world leaders...yeah and pro wrestling 100% real), illegal aliens ("how will you get rid of all of those people...and why do you want to break up their families"), and my personal fav: the women issue ("why do you call/tweet about women like that").

    I can only guess that he was offended by Trump's comparisons to Rosie O' Donnell?

    I didn't think that it was humanly possible for someone to consistently regurgitate the same tired "attacks" over and over and over, especially talking over Gov. Pence's responses.

    And while I'm on that, exactly where did CBS News (a.k.a. CBSN) dredge up this Elaine Quijano character?

    It didn't take too long after her very polished introduction for everything to go off the rails and her to allow Sen. Kaine to make a general ass out of himself by monopolizing the mic as much as he did.

    Allegedly, she was the moderator that night, why wasn't she moderating?

    Did she get "pointers" from Megyn Kelly (a.k.a. "Butt-head")?

    I've seen H.S. debates that were far more organized that what I saw from Tuesday Night.

    My takeaway: Pence handled himself well and didn't lose his composure (even after the whoppers Kaine was throwing out near the end). Kaine's antics didn't rise the level of pounding his shoe on the table, but the way Gov. Pence handled his petulant behavior said a lot.

    I'm not that familiar with Sen. Kaine's record, but if by some foreboding chance (or more likely massive election tampering a'la 1960), they do get elected, when something bad happens and she gets taken out (or more than likely takes herself out) nothing I saw that night will give me any reassurance that things won't go south!

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