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Mike Pence Destroys Clown

Deranged clown robs debate of dignity, punished by Indiana governor

joker-kaineNo matter which side of the political fence you might be on, you saw that Gov Mike Pence pummeled Sen Tim Kaine in last night’s debate.

Taking a page from Joe Biden’s drug induced debate performance of a few years ago, Kaine put on the creepy clown smiley face and persuaded America that he was actually trying out for Batman 12 – Resurrection of Joker. With a style of interruptions never seen before in presidential level debates, he embarrassed himself and quite possibly Hillary Clinton (assuming embarrassment is even possible for these two).

Pence wisely did not allow the adolescent antics of Kaine to get under his skin, stayed focused, and even professed his Christian faith in a way not often seen on a debate stage. He demonstrated class and accurately described the lessening of our nation’s security under the watch of Hillary and Obama, all the while Kaine was verbally poking him with a stick.

Team Trump looks real heroic after last night’s performance. 

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Pence The Right Pick

Donald Trump could have chosen far worse than Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

Pence represents the stated values most conservatives aspire to.  Within only a few minutes of his VP acceptance speech, even the most casual onlooker will recognize the sense of humility, with passion for family and service to country.

The inclusion of Pence on the ticket should clarify that Trump has the ability to choose well for his team, and is rewarded with a pick that inspired the crowd, and reinforced the sense of competitiveness in the presidential contest.

If you know anything about Hoosiers, you know we like to suit up and compete. We play to win. That is why I joined this campaign in a heartbeat. You have nominated a man for president who never quits, who never backs down — a fighter, and a winner. Until now, he has had to do it all by himself, against all odds. But this week, with this united party, come November 8, I know we will elect Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States of America.


The Governor of a state which has cut taxes consistently, lowered the bureaucratic weight of state government, and put more folks to work, also has a budget surplus in his state in which Michiganians should be envious. Unlike faux conservatives, he actually subscribes to the concept of limited government.

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