Michigan State House Fundraising

July 25 was the deadline for campaign finance reports for Michigan legislature. Here are summaries of the total amounts raised in competitive Republican primaries and general elections for Michigan state house. Ratings are included. Based on fundraising, 52 and 110 move to safe D, and 91 moves to tossup.

1. (D) Banks 26K Thompson 55K (12K self)
19. (R) (Likely Cox) Cox 62K Crider 21K (20K self)
21. (Lean D) (R) Fausonne 58K (D) Mathis ? Mosher 63K Pagan 88K (23K self)
23. (Lean R) (R) Somerville 118K (D) Haener 5K Linko 36K Ptaszynski $100
25. (Lean D) (R) Hawatmeh 47K (D) Yanez 96K
30. (Lean R) (R) Farrington 82K (D) Bogdan waiver Karpinsky 28K

36. (R) (Lean Grot) Grot 98K (32K self) Lucido 251K (136K self)
38. (R) (Likely Crawford) Lauffer ? Crawford 47K
39. (Lean R) (R) (Lean Kesto) Kesto 199K O’Hagan 23K (D) Colvin 31K
41. (Lean R) (R) Howrylak 72K (D) Kerwin 32K
42. (R) (Likely Theis) Fiani 4K Perlberg 32K (15K self) Rogers 2K Theis 80K
43. (R) (Tossup) Aliaga 14K Knapper 10K Schroeder 47K (32K self) Tedder 47K (31K self)
44. (R) (Likely Runestad) Runestad 82K Fessler Smith ? Garlick 13K Tierney 52K
45. (R) (Lean Webber) Avery 26K Mangiapane $484 Webber 29K
46. (R) (Likely Jacobsen) Jacobsen 128K Reilly 20K
47. (R) (Tossup) Campbell 30K Day 32K Vaupel 82K (58K self)
52. (Safe D) (R) Hochstetler waiver (D) Driskell 129K
56. (Lean R) (R) (Likely Sheppard) Sheppard 36K Kubiske 34K (16K self) (D) Redmond 24K
57. (Lean R) (R) Jenkins 61K (D) Wimple 19K
58. (R) (Tossup) Benzing 12K Haberl 17K Jacques 4K Leutheuser 34K (10K self) Nottingham 2K Ray 34K (33K self)
59. (R) (Lean Bippus) Bippus 169K (160K self) Miller 10K Rathburn 58K (37K self) Sills 17K
60. (D) (Lean Buskirk) Buskirk 53K Goodacre 5K Hoadley 138K
61. (R) (Tossup) Iden 56K Stinchcomb 32K (D) Fisher 20K
62. (Lean D) (R) (Tossup) Bizon 105K (65K self) Kale 34K
(D) (Lean Todd) Helmboldt 11K Morgan 9K Todd 5K
63. (R) (Lean Potter) Maturen 46K (25K self) Potter 46K (40K self) (D) Farmer 23K
65. (R) (tossup) Calhoun 27K (23K self) Moretz 25K (18K self) Roberts 49K (46K self) Stormont 20K (10K self) Sutherby (7K self)
71. (Tossup) (R) Barrett 55K (D) Abed 92K
72. (R) (Likely Yonker) Hudson 18K (15K self) Yonker 47K
73. (R) (Lean Afendoulis) Afendoulis 95K Decker 31K (10K self) Norton 23K (10K self) Pfaff 27K (12K self) Regan 29K (23K self)
76. (Lean D) (R) (Tossup) Allard 34K (19K self) DeJonge 43K (10K self) (D) Brinks 131K
79. (R) (Lean Pscholka) Duran 16K Pscholka 135K
80. (R) (Lean Gamrat) Gamrat 39K Schulz 40K (26K self) Whiteford 62K (43K self)
82. (R) (Tossup) Courser 27K (23K self) Hunsanger 10K Peabody 59K (29K self) Smith 13K
84. (R) (Tossup) Boehmer 8K Canfield 71K (15K self) Damrow 4K Grimshaw 6K Jobe 10K (6K self) Wassa 35K (33K self) Wencel 60K (50K self) (D) Jaroch 14K
86. (R) (Likely Lyons) Lyons 64K Rigas 6K
90. (R) (Lean Garcia) Garcia 63K Harmsen 5K Haveman 7K (6K self) Kroll waiver
91. (Tossup) (R) (Safe Hughes) Erb 1K Hughes 195K (100K self) Riekse ? (D) Lamonte 145K
95. (D) Braddock 8K Guerra 14K
98. (R) (Lean Glenn) Glenn 171K (26K self) Ieuter 151K
101. (Lean R) (R) Franz 78K (D) Stobie 86K
104. (R) (Tossup) Callahan 26K Hentschel 5K Hinton (28K self) Inman 40K (24K self) Lundy 2K Renny 35K (25K self) Vore 13K Wunsch 39K (29K self)
105. (R) (Lean Cole) Cole 37K Cutler 25K Vickory 3K
107. (R) (Tossup) Chatfield 74K (25k self) Foster 116K
110. (Safe D) (R) Michaels $0 (D) Dianda 77K

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  8 comments for “Michigan State House Fundraising

  1. Corinthian Scales
    July 26, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    I reckon when the 106th votes like a Democrat anyway that it really doesn't matter about all the Kennedy signs everywhere.

    Sure wish I understood WTF is the point of these fundraising postings.

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    • Jason
      July 26, 2014 at 7:28 pm

      info.. just info. I appreciate them. Its a good snapshot of the money thrown around in these.

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    • Conservative First
      July 27, 2014 at 2:17 am

      The point is that they give a lot of insight into who the credible candidates are in the primary and which districts are likely to be competitive in the general.

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  2. Jason
    July 26, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    The 107th thing as a toss-up.. WOW is Chatfield freaking Foster out or what? $74 K for a challenger to an incumbent is WORTHY!!

    More the better!!

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    • Conservative First
      July 27, 2014 at 2:21 am

      Yeah, that really stood out. Chatfield seems to be the primary challenger with the best chance of beating a Republican state legislative incumbent this cycle.

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  3. Sue Schwartz
    July 26, 2014 at 9:22 pm

    When there's money being thrown around in excess of what the job pays in a year--we absolutely need to take note that the candidate doesn't care about We the People, but power unto themselves. Very enlightening.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      July 27, 2014 at 8:53 am

      Uh-oh... a presidential election is going to snap your bands,

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