Another “Grand Bargain”

Was that crappy cow-box computer company a bastion of nepotism?

Gov. Rick Snyder on Friday appointed the father of House Speaker Jase Bolger to the Western Michigan University Board of Trustees.

James Bolger, of Whitehall in Muskegon County, is a former state police leader, a criminal justice instructor at Grand Valley State University and alumnus of WMU.

The Republican governor appointed Bolger to the remainder of an eight-year term that expires on Dec. 31, 2020.

“I look forward to my dad’s efforts to help WMU continue to excel and prepare their students for success while providing parents exceptional value for their investment,” Jase Bolger said in a statement.

And, only 18 months for his brother to leap up the government trough. One can’t really figure out why Jase Bolger votes the way he does, can they?

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