MEDEFCO Meeting Reminder: former US Rep Kerry Bentivolio – A View from the Inside

Tonight MEDEFCO will be hosting former US Rep. Kerry Bentivolio at their monthly meeting in the Bruce Post VFW Hall located on 28404 Jefferson Avenue in St. Clair Shores.

You may remember him as the deciding vote for Pres. B.O.’s CROmnibus bill, that Speaker Boehner jammed through before the Winter Break.

The meeting starts at 7:00.



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  1. Tom Backers
    January 28, 2015 at 10:10 am

    The people bashing Kerry for his Cromnibus rule vote need to lighten up and find out exactly what motivated him to change his vote...I spoke with him at length on this, and although I was not in total agreement with his explanation, I can understand his frustration with the system...We lost a good representative of the people when Bentivolio was 'surgically' removed from Congress by the establishment GOP...

    Kerry Bentivolio It is interesting how folks quickly judge a person based on one vote they neither understood nor cared to understand. Like civilians telling the soldiers in the trench how to fight the battle rather than simply give them the "mission" to accomplish. I offered the Liberty folks, "the critics" an opportunity to meet with me to become involved in the plan to cut spending and explain the CR vote. 4 showed up. I NEVER voted for a Debt increase! I voted for a CR to fund the government for 2 months using funds with borrowed money already allocated to reach an automatic "Sequester" cutting $85 Billion (3%) from the budget. It worked. Any plan to cut government spending is okay with me. The debt ceiling vote was delayed for 9 months as we tried to cut more. More than 200 bills, many cutting spending, eventually sat on Harry Reid's desk. The actual Debt Ceiling Increase bill was in December of that year. I did not vote for it. I never waivered from my strategy to defend our rights. The NDAA vote funds Defense, an obligation I have under Art I, section 8 after I voted on Amash's amendment to remove the Indef Detention provisions. Like General Washington on several occasions I retreated to fight another day looking for another avenue to make an attack. Unfortunately, like many of Washington's soldiers they gave up or deserted their posts. I'd wish you folks paid better attention to the battle. You should really check my Bills sponsored and co-sponsored. I had a bill worked out with all concerned to remove the Indef Detention provisions (where were the Liberty folks?) Look at HR 4934 which Chris Stewart (R-UT) sponsored and I co-sponsored only because I discovered he was working on a similar Bill to mine and was further ahead on it. One more thing. The hype about my first CR vote came from the GOP machine who infiltrated the social media with spin. The would do and say anything to obtain the power. I did not lose my re-election, you did. You were all pretty much Grubered. The irony of it is almost humorous. Study my bills sponsored and co-sponsored in combination of my vote record. Like a good book you might find a central theme to my story. If Liberty folks want to run based on one battle without understanding the bigger picture then so be it. I have a better understanding of how George felt at Valley Forge.

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    • January 28, 2015 at 12:33 pm

      No shit. Those of us who are actually sensibly fighting in the trenches (clearly understanding that we're not going to win all of them, and will occasionally have to "just roll with it" on a small matter in order to win the bigger fight tomorrow) are likely all exactly where Kerry is, or have been there at some point in the past six years.

      The problem is that even the sheeple within the constitutionalist insurgency (and there are WAY more of them than you'd think) will too quickly believe cleverly planted social media spin without bothering to check the facts for themselves. Yet they'll in the next breath swear that they're smart enough to know that the media cannot be trusted.


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