Maybe A little Mis-Read?

A Traverse City Retailer might well feel the pain of his misplaced good cents.

There will be more than a few legislators regretting their turkey moves of additional regulatory rules during the ‘lame duck’ session.

But its not just the legislators. ‘Exhibit A,’ might well be a story that ‘celebrates’ the “early Christmas present” that Front Street Traverse City business received via SB 569 and SB 658 on Friday Morning. Demonstrating that the lobbying efforts of a few rent seeking business interests are not at all in line with taxpayer interests, the piece on Saturday’s TC Ticker starts with the ‘celebration’ of the “main-street fairness” law:

“It’s been years in the making, but state lawmakers have handed brick-and-mortar retailers like Bill Golden and others throughout Traverse City and Michigan a welcome Christmas present. Starting in October, more online retailers will have to add on Michigan’s sales tax to customer purchases — just like Michigan retailers have always had to do.”

Of course, folks around here (and very likely in all other places) understand that what is sold as fairness is usually anything but fair.

It may have been years in the making, but Golden may come to regret his efforts as much as the legislators who have listened to him.  Along with the numerous complaints about this poor piece of legislation, is a specific one by a former customer of his citing his own failures.  She writes:

“Mr. Golden thinks sales tax is the issue. That’s easier than the truth. I don’t shop at his store because his employees ignored me and my husband. Apparently we didn’t look like we were in the market for expensive shoes? This happened on multiple occasions so it wasn’t a fluke. So we started shopping at the mall. They carry Ecco too. I’ve also bought them from Amazon because they were $50 cheaper (not counting sales tax). Amazon delivered to my door, without the downtown attitude and parking problems. Paying sales tax is not the issue; bad service is.”


I have a couple of legislative workers who have said they will help me identify the business interests and lobbyists who pushed this mess, and the expected eventuality of constitutional surrender which it brings.  Bill Golden now has his stamp of approval and advocacy stated in a way that no retailer should ever desire.  Those who produce the shackles that bind us ought to be rewarded for their efforts.

But not in the way they desire.

Sometimes SILENCE is Golden.



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  1. Corinthian Scales
    December 23, 2014 at 8:10 am

    Boy-oh-boy, these guys must love the idea of having small local shops gobbled up by the Big Box operators.

    MRA President and CEO James Hallan, who issued a statement. “This legislation also hastens the day when Congress enacts a nationwide solution and provides a playing field that is 100 percent level.”

    Gee, talk about bookends of treachery. And who is pushing that internet tax crap? Surprise, surprise. Now, for our moment of sanity with Ted.

    All true. For the little guys, it's a race to the bottom and/or, extinction. For the consumer, it's a money-pit for us. What bought off legislators in D.C. (like this schmuck) would have to do is overrule Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, hence, the *Marketplace Fairness* legislation is born for Big Box operators in bed with government. Which by the way BOMBED in lame duck, and undoubtedly will shape-change its message in the future.

    Then there's this doozy of a quote from the TC Ticker.

    Golden says the changes provide more fairness “to the brick-and-mortar stores who are already charging the sales tax. But it’s also good for the state, because they’re now going to collect this money.”

    Um, ya - OK. Folks, don't go too hard on Mr. Bill Golden, he went to public schools, and much like our fuzzy li'l friends over yonder to the far Left, that's where their education remains stunted.

    That's wishful thinking. If I see that MRA logo in a shop, I'll spend my money elsewhere.

    Exit question. Is N.D. still lobbying for this crap?

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