It’s Time for a Grassroots Reality Check

Since at least Jan.6 – when it became abundantly clear that the election would be stolen and Trump would be ousted from the White House – the grassroots has been its own worst enemy.

Conservatives throughout the madness of a stolen election and the unprecedented fallout have grown increasingly desperate, relying on false idols to pied piper them with false hope and becoming increasingly unmoored to objective reality. In doing so they have empowered the RINOs and the far-left radicals by living up to the most caricatured portrayals of conservatives as humiliating, deranged crackpots who are not worth taking seriously.

Just look at all of the failures and dead ends that conservatives, populists, patriots, America Firsters, freedom lovers, and so forth have pursued over the past year.

We all hoped that the “Kraken” lawsuits offered by Sidney Powell and many other attorneys to challenge election fraud would come to fruition. They did not.

We all hoped that the Arizona forensic audit would be a game changer and have cascading ramifications throughout the country. Instead, it fizzled.

We all hoped there would be a “plan” of sorts from the Trump White House to deal with election fraud that everyone could see coming from a mile away. No such plan ever existed.

We heard how the military was going to reinstate Trump – mind you, the same military filling its leadership ranks with transgender communists who believe in critical race theory – but that never happened.

We heard that the white hats were going to deliver, under the jurisdiction of Jeff Sessions or Bill Barr, with serious investigations and indictments over deep state crimes. Instead, all the conspirators got away scot free and now enjoy well-paid positions in government, media and the corporate sector.

Can we sense a pattern here? Disinformation agents put out fantastical notions to keep the grassroots satiated, that never even come close to coming to fruition, and by the time that the previous predictions have failed, the same buffoons who led the grassroots astray rush headlong into their next narrative of gibberish or look for scapegoats to avoid capability. 

Check out Telegram feeds, and you see different personalities commanding large followings in the “Stop the Steal” sphere at each others’ throats, blaming each other for the apparent failures of the movement. The sad infighting is not a phenomenon that is isolated to Michigan. It is happening in every state and on a national level. As the prophecies of charlatans fail predictably and miserably, their desperate flocks become more unhinged and insular. Similar to the psychology of a doomsday cult, the adherents do not tend to snap out of it when the grandiose notions of the soothsaying leaders fail. They become even more stubborn, lashing out at those with the clarity to regroup and pursue productive, rational action.

One personality, Dr. David Clements, recently pointed out how Jovan Pulitzer attacked Dr. Douglas Frank “in one of the most volatile rants [he’d] ever seen” for suggesting that activists canvas their communities, rather than just hoping for a magical forensic audit silver bullet to solve all election problems. Dr. Clements is allied with attorney Lin Wood, who has come under fire after Kyle Rittenhouse’s comments alleging poor representation from Wood. Wood now has a bitter public feud with former OverStock CEO Patrick Byrne and General Michael Flynn, who are pursuing their America Project. Pulitzer is taking the side of Byrne and Flynn after being profiled in their highly-underwhelming “Deep Rig” documentary.

I will not comment on any of these folks involved in the “Stop the Steal” movement who I have not personally encountered, as I have respect for many of them and feel their errors mostly gave come in good faith efforts to expose the truth, particularly Mike Lindell of MyPillow. I will call out Jovan Pulitzer though because his work has negatively impacted the Michigan grassroots as much as any RINO, and he has levied lawsuit threats against me in a desperate attempt to get me to censor my podcast in which his behaviors were exposed (which can be accessed here).

Pulitzer was a man who no Trump supporter knew before the election. He came onto the scene with no real experience in the field of politics. Those who were knowledgeable of his part knew him as a crackpot with a penchant for attaching himself to movements where he can gain notoriety and a cult following. He once said he had a magical sword, sold “touch of God” crystals, invented one of the most awful pieces of technology of all time, and became a frequent punchline in his local community for his wacky antics. After the election, Pulitzer saw his opportunity to gain notice through right-wing politics, keying in on the uncertainty among Trump supporters and the chaos of the unprecedented coordinated vote steal operation that occurred in 2020 to become a political leader of sorts.

Pulitzer could have conceivably brought something to the table in helping combat election fraud. An eccentric inventor, which is a label that not even Pulitzer himself would necessarily eschew, could bring technical expertise to assist in some manner. This is not what Pulitzer did. He presented himself as the highest oracle, the only man with the knowledge to lead a forensic audit, and continuously stoked expectations about what a forensic audit would provide. He even convinced some particularly low IQ members of the Michigan grassroots to turn on Rep. Steve Carra and Sen. Pat Colbeck because their efforts did not meet Pulitzer’s criteria for what he demanded from a forensic audit.

It wasn’t until the Audit MI ballot initiative campaign came to fruition when we could really see what Pulitzer was really capable of. According to members of the initial campaign, Pulitzer was brought on as the money man, supposedly holding a great deal of wealth from his various patents and inventions. With a variety of credible grassroots patriots on board like Cindi Holland, Tami Carlone, Angela Rigas, Jon Rocha, Jon Smith and backstopped with money from Jovan, this was finally going to allow us to move quickly and effectively to get the type of investigation needed to finally shed some clarity on our election system. Right?

Well, not quite. What happened from here was the drama and the stupidity would be taken to a new level. After Pulitzer did not allegedly pony up any of the money that was promised for the initiative, weird accusations about “stealing ballot language” that made no sense began to surface. Apparently, the magical swordsman cared more about being the keeper of the sacred knowledge than promoting awareness of the forensic audit initiative. There were also accusations of candidates who joined the cause mentioning they were involved in the effort in fundraising emails. An incredibly benign accusation, to be sure, but when amplified by bad faith actors, it is enough to gin the inexperienced and unsophisticated up into a frenzy.

Other benign accusations – like operatives helping with common campaign work or legal donations made to campaigns with PAC money or setting up a crowdfunding page on behalf of a cause or the reorganizing of campaigns to give the grassroots a better chance of success against RINOs – have been levied to exploit the lowest common denominator, with the Twenty Minutes Hate directed, usually in an unintelligible manner, toward anyone who the mob deems is a RINO for whatever usually petty reasons. This is a look that sends anyone who can still formulate coherent thoughts running for the door. There are individuals who are being awakened from their slumber and called to lead at this very moment by God, with our country on the precipice of ruin, and they are being repelled because of the shameful behavior of these weak men and women led by fools. Shame on you.

Whatever social media outrage du jour is today’s purity test. A bitter political operative, unable to secure a political endorsement he promised to a client, flaming out embarrassingly and publicly, is supposed to be jawdropping evidence of a massive political conspiracy, even if no real evidence is produced to support any of the claims. A completely fabricated pay-to-play scandal has been conjured out of whole cloth by Pulitzer and self-serving liars in the grassroots. These scurrilous rumors not only cheapen Trump’s endorsement, which has went to people like Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo, Attorney General candidate Matt Deperno, and state senate candidate Mike Detmer as he primary challenges a sitting RINO incumbent. They also make the President look corrupt if he is in on whatever alleged pay-to-play scheme is taking place or pathetic if he can be led around and made to do whatever swampy political operatives tell him to do.

What this nonsense is distracting people from is where the real fight is being waged. There are battles to be had at the local level, where thousands of parents are becoming enraged with mask mandates, state-sanctioned racism and other abominations pushed by left-wing indoctrinators in schools. There are new people waking up everyday as Biden destroys the country at breakneck speed. There are millions of independents and moderates who were sold a lie that a vote for Biden was a return for normalcy, and they were brutally deceived. These are folks we can win over if we put our best foot forward in reaching out to them. By following clowns like Pulitzer and becoming engrossed with idiocracy-tier social media battles, we only alienate these individuals and sow the seeds for our country’s imminent demise.

The election reform battle is far from over as well, as there is a petitioning campaign (Secure MI Vote) active to make it substantially more difficult to commit fraud with mail-in ballots. There are also groups like my organization, Rescue Michigan, and Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity that are presenting sound information, not rumor and innuendo, in order to present the case for election fraud to the masses. The reality of our nation’s political, economic and social decline is sobering and frightening to be sure, but it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. All hope will be lost though if the grassroots cannot repel toxic and divisive messages from “leaders” who drag the rest of us down. These folks have already quit on their country and circle the drain in their vain attempts at lashing out, desperate to be heard. Let’s have the good sense not to circle the drains beside them as they implode toward oblivion.

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  1. Chris Jurrians
    December 6, 2021 at 4:28 pm

    You forgot Ron and Tammi Armstrong, Melissa Carone, and the true nutcase, Ryan aka Logik, who just happens to ge running for governor. They have been nonstop smearing and spreading rumors and innuendo from the start. Pulitizer is from TX and it isn't even his real name from what I've read. Conservatives need to unite, circle the wagons like the D's do, AND STOP EATING THEIR OWN!!

    You Betcha! (6)Nuh Uh.(1)
      December 19, 2021 at 9:52 am

      First of all, unless you address the Michigan crisis in the context of the national and international crisis you're just spinning rubber which isn't produced in Akron anymore. Which makes my point. The United States has been going down down down ever since the August 15, 1971 action by Nixon and his advisor George Schultz on behalf of international banking houses in the City of London and New York. That was the day the gold convertibility window was closed and the Dollar floated on the FOREX. That was the day that ended the Bretton Woods System. From that day on the world was cut off from productive credit while opening the floodgates to wild and "exuberant" speculation. We watched as the oil spot market, a total setup rigged by Trilateralist Henry Kissinger, shot up the price of oil from 3 to 30 a barrel which had a chilling impact on particularly oil-importing nations while lining the pockets of Kissinger's masters on Wall St. and City of London. International financial interests were in the driver's seat again and they intended to stay there no matter what! Henry Kissenger negotiated on behalf of the US at the GATT round of talks in Uruguay negotiating away the last shred of protective trade barriers that would begin the exodus of US manufacturing from the shores of the United States and decimate Michigan's automobile and machine tool sectors. It marked the beginning of the end for Michigan and the other Great Lakes Region producers. Lyndon LaRouche proposed many times to state and federal politicians the necessary steps to take to reverse the collapse of America's manufacturing base. In 1976, he warned leaders in DC and the American voter, in vivid detail, what would happen if David Rockefeller's James Earl Carter were elected President in a 30 minute national TV broadcast on NBC. I was a LaRouche Democrat at that time running for Congress from Pontiac on the LaRouche Presidential ticket. Our nation's oil and gas and farm sectors were immediately set upon and dismantled as Carter's nee Council on Foreign Relation's Project 80s report became national policy. Carter identified it as "Conservation is the moral equivalent of war" policy. It wasn't really a set of policies but what Fed Chairman and Trilateral member Paul Volcker called, "controlled disintegration" of the US physical economy. We in the LaRouche movement were fighting like hell against it, organizing around the country American producers into a Political alliance to counter the destruction Carter left behind in his wake as American voters threw him out of office on his tin ear. After Edward Teller informed Reagan of LaRouche's new ideas for strategic defense based on "new physical principles" that called for developing beam weapons to be used against incoming nuclear missiles, Reagan liked it. LaRouche was brought into the President-Elect's national security team led by Judge William Clark. What was the beginning of a budding relationship between LaRouche and the Reagan's Administratiion, almost cost Reagan his life and LaRouche a 15-year jail sentence at the end of the decade! What happened to both men was the result of the reactions of the Deep State's permanent bureaucracy. The same permanent bureaucracy that reacted to Donald Trump's election day victory with spying, espionage, frameup, two impeachments and vote fraud. On the other hand Reagan was subjected to an assassination attempt that almost killed him and LaRouche would go on to be railroaded into federal prison by Robert Mueller! DC's permanent bureaucracy which included GHW Bush and James Baker pulled out all the stops to prevent the SDI science driver project from reaching practicality. Reagan and LaRouche were marginalized in ways only President Trump can appreciate. With Reagan and LaRouche marginalized our nation was left without leadership. By 1990, America's highly skilled labor force were unemployed as the US was transformed into what LaRouche called the "consumer of last resort" of cheaply made products imported from poor nations. Products made by unskilled cheap labor. Michigan's auto and machine too sectors were no more. The Great Lakes region suffered massive losses of highly skilled workers as their factories were either abandoned or torn down. This was the terrible condition that existed in the US when Donald Trump decided to run for president. LaRouche and people like myself who had been in the fight for decades to save our nation from ruin, recognized some of the things Trump was saying when he was campaigning was right on the money. Restoring Glass-Steagall which he announced he intended to do in a speech in Sanford, Fl. Rebuilding America's manufacturing sectors. Negotiating new terms of trade with Mexico and China. These got our attention and soon LaRouche and people like myselfd became supporters of candidate Trump. These and other economic policies and programs are still what must shape the future America and Michigan residents along with the rest of our Nation's patriotic citizens must have a decent grasp of these and other policies that represent the only solution to the crisis at hand. If we are going to win our nation back it's because we were successful doing our duty. as citizens. We're going to find if our nation has the moral fitness to survive.

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    • James Chapman
      January 3, 2022 at 10:27 am

      LowJak is running for state rep, not governor He has been identified as an agent recruited and manipulated by CJ Ritchard, with very strong connections to the Grand RINOS group. CJ is connected to the Brassfield , who was brought on from the national level (RNC RINOS ?) as campaign manager for Audra Johnson, running for Congress against a RINO=what better way to control the opposition than to bring in a seasoned operative ? Mr CJ Ritchard is married into the VanAndel family, owners of Amway and strong Grand Rapids RINO elites. I am James Chapman, current candidate for Governor. I am most strongly pro Audit, got ripped off on the down ballot for state rep in 2020 primary. The highest level of both houses of the legislature and MI GOP are involved in VoteScam, and have a vested interest in not being discovered and retaining the power over the elections. See Ruth Johnson, Chair of the Senate Elections committee, was SOS under Snyder and engineered sale of Dominion contract to the counties

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