Is Michigan Offering us our Best and Brightest?

Have already stated that there not even a snowball’s chance in Hell that I’d vote for career grifter Democrat Gary Peters.

Same was true when I’m a mom I have kids™ handily lost to parasite Peters.

So, is what we are reading today just an aging chopper pilot that likes to remind everyone of his Colin Powell inglorious Bush era days who also slid into a family business upon completion of service honorably and, notably likes to hint at some I don’t just follow orders streets creds as some kind of strange bona fides?

This is truly puzzling. Not sure who the campaign handlers are but, if it were I, there would’ve been a man to man conversation before this ever happened.

In a Saturday interview with MLive, James said the protests are focused on addressing human rights violations and pervasive racism that African Americans have faced for the last 400 years. The Farmington Hills Republican said politicians have done little to address these issues, and he is running to increase black representation in Congress.

“The Democratic Party has neglected African Americans,” James said. “The Republican Party has not even tried.”

James pledged to be a unifying figure in new television ads addressing the killing of George Floyd, a black man who died on Memorial Day after being pinned by a white Minneapolis officer for nearly nine minutes. Americans in all 50 states hit the streets in the last week to protest Floyd’s death and raise broader concerns about the unequal treatment of black and brown people.

“We need the first-hand lived experience of somebody who understands what it’s like to walk around in black skin and recognizes the urgency of the situation demands action, not more talk,” James said.

Not sure where the Republican Party slight is coming from as alleged by Mr. James, but that is easily dismissible. That said, Mr. James is coming across as more talk than anything resembling that of a unifier, yes?

Again, if I were advising Mr. James, as we all learned in our internet connected world we live in with how fast the COVID-19 flu PLANdemic unravelled before our eyes with it just being another Democrat manipulation to cause affect to the outcome of the November election, which it won’t but, with Mr. James now going the questionable path a 149 days out until ballots are cast when public opinion has yet to crystallize about Saint Floyd the Felonious of Fentanyl, Meth, THC and counterfeit currency™ … well … let’s just say that path may just end up turning away voters more than one can even begin to imagine.

Granted, I will agree with Mr. James that he operates with a 90% disadvantage with blacks as he is factually correct in Michigan, however, Mr. James appears to have a disconnect within the black community that others observably do not.

That one. Mr. Harris was painful to watch. That is what a unifier looks like. A true American Patriot and, a Man who owes no one an apology.

One can only hope that Mr. James rethinks what he’s doing with his campaign as the election clock ticks away.

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  1. Sue Schwatrz
    June 7, 2020 at 10:31 pm

    Anyone, including John James, playing this identity politics crap--needs to rethink positions. African-American? What does this mean? Is it someone who immigrated to America and became a naturalized citizen? Also, its shameful that somehow the color of one's skin is a selling point. John, please stop it! We want to hear issues and solutions and as a black American, you should be standing tall and saying exactly that, identity politics is distracting from the issues and move on to something important.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      June 8, 2020 at 8:19 am

      Right on, Sue. It is deeply disappointing to see the many blindspots come to light that Mr. James has as a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. For example, will present this from article quoted above.

      Trump is reportedly considering invoking the 1807 Insurrection Act to send active-duty troops to American cities. A spokesperson said James is not in favor of deploying the military to quell peaceful protests.

      For starters, where the Hell are the "peaceful protests"? Few and far between says U.S. Attorney General William P. Barr.

      President Trump, is exposing every elected Democrat official who's agenda is to allow our nation to be torn apart effecting enormous economic destruction to the good people who own businesses where the so-called "peaceful protests" are happening in every state... because Orange Man Bad, and we Democrats got Creepy Sleepy senile pedo Joe to get elected.

      On top of that, putting the "peaceful protests" nonsense aside, Mr. James just failed Civil War History 101. Abraham Lincoln is spinning in his grave. Either that or, Mr. James 'spokesperson' is an idiot that needs to be fired- ASAP.

      The shortsightedness of it all is simply, Gobsmacking.

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