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No Fans Left

It’s been mildly entertaining to observe the Get Woke league hemorrhaging its fan base over the past few years. I mean the tone-deafness of it all truly is something to behold. BUT, Detroit’s herd of overpaid barely functional illiterates that have been losers since 1957 really takes the cake.

What is the message they sent other than those who are illiterate should be silent?

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Is Michigan Offering us our Best and Brightest?

Have already stated that there not even a snowball’s chance in Hell that I’d vote for career grifter Democrat Gary Peters.

Same was true when I’m a mom I have kids™ handily lost to parasite Peters.

So, is what we are reading today just an aging chopper pilot that likes to remind everyone of his Colin Powell inglorious Bush era days who also slid into a family business upon completion of service honorably and, notably likes to hint at some I don’t just follow orders streets creds as some kind of strange bona fides?

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