Is Congressman Mike Bishop Abandoning The Second Amendment?

And the rest of the conservative agenda?

Michigan 8th District U.S. Congressman Mike Bishop’s campaign website has been scrubbed updated to remove any mention of the Second Amendment from its Issues page. Or anything else remotely controversial in the conservative agenda. His new campaign website Issues page has a bunch of anodyne pablum, but no mention of firearms:

His new, Second Amendment free, Issues page

His previous, 25 September 2017, Issues page:

2nd Amendment
Supporting our 2nd amendment right to bear arms, Mike Bishop championed right-to-carry legislation, received A/A+ rating from NRA and is personally a gun owner with a CPL.

The Rochester Republican has not made any public statements indicating changes in his position on the Second Amendment, but the update of his campaign website speaks volumes.

Bishop faces no opposition in the August 7th Republican Primary, but tough Democratic opposition in the November 6th General Election. Chris Smith, a labor-backed professor at MSU’s School of Criminal Justice, and Elissa Slotkin, an Obama Administration DoD appointee, are both running. The winner of this Democratic primary match up is expected to be well funded in the Fall.

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  7 comments for “Is Congressman Mike Bishop Abandoning The Second Amendment?

  1. Sue Schwartz
    April 2, 2018 at 8:11 am

    The Bishop family monarchy was big in that end of Oakland County. Mike always was a fair weather friend even as a kid. The GOP is playing the midterms all wrong. I see lots of complacency everywhere. There are lots of Dims who love their guns. Sanitizing positions is just plain wrong, especially in midterm primary elections, when you're unopposed.

    There is no place for complacency right now--we need to become precinct delegates, get the vote out (yes, even in primaries which are not real elections but merely a "courtesy to the parties") start training election challengers (not poll watchers--UGH) and put precinct delegates to work. Come November, we'll have a very powerful team in place.

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  2. Jason
    April 2, 2018 at 10:35 am

    I am sure it is for political expediency. Of course I find that to be a form of the worst cowardice, and a problem which has allowed our nation to be infected with the mushminded falacal reasoning of the left.

    Now is not the time to back down from positions of strength. Event driven statement & support of policy is majorly fubar.

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  3. KG One
    April 2, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    Just to jog everyone's memory.

    "Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop reportedly proposes an income tax hike from 3.9 percent to 4.3 percent, raising approximately $650 million, accompanied by $1 billion in budget cuts. Gov. Granholm reportedly turns him down flat, saying that "perhaps" $300 million is possible."

    There was nothing "reportedly" about it. The bill (which "strangely" got fast-tracked out of committee...only one man could have done that) should never have seen the light of day after it got thrown into the hopper (go to page 16 - Roll Call 397).

    And lo and behold...they even moved for (and got) the bill to take immediate effect.

    I've got a running bet with some friends of mine on the other side. Given the piss-poor "leadership" shown by RINO's like Bishop & Trott, I conceded that there is a good chance for both CD-8 and CD-11 to flip over to Team "d".

    Even with all of the gerrymandering that Team "r" did to the maps, RINO's who essentially tell their constituents what to go and do with themselves will eventually have consequences.

    Just watch!

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  4. 10x25MM
    April 2, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    It wasn't just the Second Amendment which got the bum's rush. Also gone are:

    - Opposition to abortion
    - Opposition to Obamacare
    - Opposition to illegal alien amnesty
    - Support for Right to Work
    - Opposition to excessive government spending

    How quickly one evolves in Washington....

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    • KG One
      April 2, 2018 at 3:01 pm

      Preacher, meet choir.

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  5. 10x25MM
    April 4, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    New section on Congressman Mike Bishop's campaign website Issues page:

    Defending Our Values

    As a strong conservative, Mike Bishop has always defended our values. Mike Bishop grew up in this community and lived his whole life here. He believes that defending our 2nd amendment and pro-life values are important. Mike Bishop opposes sanctuary cities and believes in strong immigration enforcement. Congressman Mike Bishop has always protected religious freedom. Congressman Mike Bishop grew up in this community and cares deeply about it.

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  6. 10x25MM
    April 6, 2018 at 8:02 pm

    Bishop 45%, Slotkin 39% In New Head-To-Head Survey

    "A new survey commissioned by MIRS and conducted by Target Insyght shows incumbent U.S. Rep. Mike BISHOP (R-Rochester) holding a six-point lead over his likely general election opponent, former Obama administration official Elissa SLOTKIN."

    Chris Smith is still in the race, at least until next weekend. The Democrats will be holding a throat cutting event State Endorsement Convention on the 15th where 3,000 members of their deep state intend to endorse specific primary candidates. This will pit the left against the far left.

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