I Can’t Reach™

I had not realized that WXYZ’s Simon Shaykhet has become the Jim Acosta of CNN fame sensationalized Fake News with edited video to perpetuate the everything is an “outrage” narrative.

Full video footage and what WXYZ edited for their newscast, here. “C’mon man this is a government vehicle too“, pure obnoxious stupidity.

For us normal folks, I’d say the delivery driver f*cked around and found out that being an asshole when not obeying the Law while also refusing to comply with all said Law entails, it does indeed have a future of unpleasantry waiting for you.

And, to the virtue signaling neighbors and Mayor Jim Fouts that WXYZ gathered for their narrative furthering report, I say to you that when your neighborhoods go to Hell, you only have yourselves to blame for your lawlessness enabling actions.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    June 11, 2020 at 11:17 pm

    Knock me over with a feather.

    Macomb prosecutor declines to file charges against black Amazon driver in alleged scuffle with white officer

    "We have an obligation not only to pursue appropriate criminal charges when necessary, but also employ discretion to not authorize criminal charges as certain circumstances demand."

    A parking ticket.

    Prosecutor Jean Cloud, an ugly women on the inside and out.

    Acting Macomb prosecutor picked to finish Smith's term

    Cloud is not among the seven candidates, including Rombach, who filed to run for the four-year prosecutor’s term in the August primary. Other Democrats, who did not file applications for temporary appointment by the Macomb County bench, include retired Macomb Circuit Judge Mary Chrzanowski, former Waterford District Judge Jodi Switalski and attorney Eva Tkacyk.

    She replaced another criminal Democrat prosecutor, Eric Smith. This is how lawless Democrats in Michigan have become to try to create a parking ticket martyr to rally behind just to try to steal an election away this November. Mayor Jim Fouts' old ass needs to go too. He only pandered because of all the audio tapes of his real opinions.

    Love black youth as well as all youth: That little "I Can't Reach™" prick belongs in court paying his fines, if not also apologizing to the officer for behaving like an asshole over a parking violation.

    Haggard-faced Jean Cloud does not care about that community. She's Democrat so, there's expectations about who remains on the Party plantation.

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