How Refreshing This Would be to Hear in Michigan

Sorry, we’ve got our perpetually bowing to Obama, nasally Progressive quisling, and his obedient toad, so, forget about that, Boobus Michiganderus.

Yessirree, we’re about to get the *best* energy policy that money can buy in Lansing, and get it good and hard.

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  1. JD
    November 9, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    We seemingly aren't worried (at the moment) as to where our electricity comes from...any more than life-sustaining issues being decided (right now) that are far more important.
    Since we are not lazer-focused on the following (by now)? Even 'free' electricity won't power a well pump that can't be used or municipal water withheld.
    I didn’t read the entire (recent) historic proposal above by the MEDQ, MDARD, DNR and DEQ...yet came up with the following skimming through it:
    Pg. 58; (#6)…any 'new' algal toxin assessment criteria is akin to giving ‘somebody’ the right to turn off massive surface water supplies…or a power that has not been granted previously under formerly ‘accepted’ levels of any toxin whatsoever. A surface water customer can always treat his water. If he does not RECEIVE said water in the first place due to any number of regulatory factors previously outlawed?..his water will (1) necessarily be much more expensive or (2) possibly even tragically 'momentarily unavailable' by today’s long accepted standards.
    “…”; (#7)…putting the above unbridled power and toxin level oversight in to the hands of the federal government is a recipe for disaster and yet another intentional usurpation of local control.
    “…”; (#8)..playing ‘God' with whatever rainfall amount God chooses to bless us with on any given day, month or year in terms of water quantity is not climactic control but MAN’s control and an action that will not be blessed.
    “…” (#9)…the 'final solution' to force traditional local (individual/local government) control of our most valuable resource to be (finally) put under state control.
    “…”; (#13)…all that you really need to know. This is where all of this is going in terms of any “water withdrawal assessment process”…or 'who will be King and who will not’ using water as a currency/gun to Michigan citizen’s heads.

    The (new) MAEAP standard (finally) 'reigns supreme’ at MDARD (or the cat is effectively let out of the bag):
    Pg. 60; (#18)….Agricultural land use will *directly* follow MAEAP guidelines and participation criteria to remain consistent with the state's recent efforts.

    If electricity, water or even the right to farm your own land in an environmentally responsible manner doesn't move conservatives to action, education or even statewide disobedience on these issues as Bevin is clearly illustrating?

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