How Michigan Conservatives Can Stay Connected in the Age of Big Brother and Total Corporate Censorship


The censorship is rapidly intensifying with November’s election coming into focus, and the forces that have lined up in favor of destroying our digital freedom is jawdropping.

An advertisement boycott against Facebook has lined up the largest, most powerful corporations in the world against the tech giant. Why? Because Facebook isn’t doing enough Draconian censorship against conservatives who are pushing “hate” on the platform. As a matter of fact, these corporations want Facebook to censor President Donald Trump, which would constitute blatant electoral interference, to help prevent him from winning re-election.

We are seeing exactly what we are up against, and the reality is beyond daunting. Besides President Trump, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the “America First” movement, and some grassroots rabble-rousers, every aspect of our culture and society is lined up against us and want us dead. Make no mistake about it, they will all cheer when the mob shows up at your door to burn your house down and rape your children. When you are tossed in the gulag to slowly starve to death, it will be reported widely as a victory for love and tolerance and celebrated by all of polite society. That is where we are at. This is nothing short of corporate-sponsored Bolshevism.

Because of our predicament, we have to adopt the bunker mentality. I am no disaster preparedness expert, but I can offer some tips on how to stay afloat for as long as possible on the internet. The mainstream social media apps – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. – are choking us off their platforms in a coordinated conspiracy. This does not mean we should leave those platforms though. It is important that we maintain our presence and keep giving them a hard time. Make them kick us off. Make them censor us. Raise a stink. File lawsuits when possible. Use this process to demonize the tech giants so they can lose their Section 230 privileges through the Communications Decency Act that give them monopoly status.

However, we should begin to build a presence on alternative social media platforms. The most important platform to build upon is Telegram, which allows for peer-to-peer encrypted communication. They also allow channels so various banned personalities can continue to get the word out to their followers. This has created an atmosphere similar to the large-scale social media platforms before the global crackdown against free speech. Many different blacklisted pro-Trump personalities already have a foothold on the platform, and they can get news to you on Telegram circumventing the controlled media apparatus entirely.

A video primer of how to use Telegram can be seen here:

You can access a write up on how to use the platform here. You may want to use an alias on the platform depending on how private you wish to be. However, I use my real name and would recommend that you do so as well so we can keep a sense of community going, and use the platform as a political organizing tool now that the mainstream platforms are hostile and unreliable.

Once you have set up your Telegram app, you can join different channels. I have started a page for Michigan news and politics that will be used as a hub to keep us all informed throughout the Orwellian nightmare. You can access it on your phone by clicking a link after you have installed and successfully configured Telegram on your mobile device.

MI Uncensored News & Politics:

I have assembled some other links that are important for you to follow as well to get you started on the platform.

Michelle Malkin

Vincent James


Paul Joseph Watson

Gavin McInnes

Nick Monroe

Cassandra Fairbanks

Alex Jones

Columbia Bugle

Please share this post with other conservatives, and we can build our community up on this alternative social media platform. Of all the alt platforms I have been on, this is by far the easiest to use and the most valuable moving forward. If President Trump loses in November, the crackdown against us will intensify by a thousandfold. We have to make the preparations for the worst so we can continue organizing and being effective during the worst of times. Take nothing for granted. Who could have predicted the pandemic and race riots just six months ago? Let’s prepare now to mitigate the damage of what is likely to come.

Stay strong!


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