Gridlock Is Good?

Bill Ballenger, Kyle Melinn make the point that might have to be considered in this election.

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Its pretty bad when our BEST alternative comes from tying the hands of our lawmakers so that they might accomplish none of their goals. Its bad when either gubernatorial candidate represents a regressive or potentially dangerous path for our state. Its uncomfortable to have to advocate such a position, but Ballenger, and Melinn get it.

Look, its not as if we didn’t warn of the poison infecting the Republican party before. Mark Schauer is BAD NEWS. But Rick Snyder, beyond whatever reasonable reforms already made, has his own plans that we will not, and can not support any more than the Democrat’s own.

If Snyder loses, (which appears to be less probable the more folks see Schauer) it must be seen as a clear repudiation by conservatives, and a loss of the base. Don’t think the flags wouldn’t be raised for broader support of the Schauer (leftist) doctrine. As we have seen already, the Romney loss and subsequent misplaced blame was a severe example of denial by party leadership.

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  1. October 17, 2014 at 9:12 am

    H/T Jeri L.

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    October 17, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    Well, I'll say it.

    Gridlock is farookin' awesome!

    Hey, it's the only chance a Conservative has got this election. Good to see other folks out there still possess Critical Thinking skills.

    As was read on yesterday, there is a growing number of folks who are seeing the wisdom in not giving Snyder his “lame duck” term in office.

    What did I tell ya?

    It's either gridlock or, brace yourselves for the 30% GreenTard™ Energy ass-reaming Snyder has planned with his stealth org after he gets done in the lame duck with Modus OpeRandy and Speaker Bolgergeist (both term limited) ramming through the Nerd's family budget busting wholesale fuel tax and registration fee plundering.

    Want to remove all the pissing and moaning about term limits in this state? Boot Snyder's Progressive ass out now. When Schauer screws up, boot his ass out at the end of his first term. Meanwhile, MI-GOP bootlickers, your mission is to find a Conservative to run for executive office under the Republican banner. No, I do NOT mean this emasculated twit and, no I do NOT mean the bullshit artist AG either (RINO Weiser's puppet).

    We'll get into the Party apparatchik overhaul after the election.

    Remember... vote for Ruth Johnson!

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  3. October 18, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    I've said this before, and I'll say it again: At this point in the election cycle four years ago, Snyder vs. Bernero was effectively a foregone conclusion (19-point split, 15.4% undecided, zero probability of sampling error), and had been a "safe republican flip" since the day after the primary elections. This year, two Saturdays out from the election, Snyder vs. Schauer is a very different scenario (3½-point split against a 3.45% MoE, 14.1% undecided, 13% probability of sampling error); and what the Nerd King's handlers won't tell you is that this general campaign has been a statistical dead heat since Primary Day.

    A recent poll conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post showed that about 40% of American voters currently believe that it doesn't make a difference which major party controls the levers of power, as they see no damn difference between the two. Historically, that public perception has always -- ALWAYS -- produced on average a 20% disadvantage for the Republican Party in a general campaign (plus or minus five), and yet party leadership insists on following up every significant election loss by fuzzing up the party platform (always under the guise of expanding the party tent). History has also shown, empirically, that moderates are NOT inherently more electable, but party leadership stubbornly refuses to embrace that lesson.

    As had been discussed during the runup to the winter state convention last year, the party brass' treatment of the grassroots base during the most recent presidential cycle risked costing the party during this gubernatorial cycle, in volunteers and volunteer hours somewhere in the low-to-mid five figure range, unless either the party's chair or their gubernatorial nominee was changed. That wasn't a threat; it was an observation from a well-seasoned veteran of at least 40 years of republican politics in Michigan. The tea party network was the reason that the Michigan Republican Party was handed sole control of the state-level levers of power four years ago, and the party brass promptly forgot why that happened. So it should surprise no one that we now have open discussion of several "stop Snyder" options, such as: split-ticket voting, selective abstention / undervoting, or simply sitting out the election altogether. The old guard is screaming bloody murder at what they view as heresy, conveniently forgetting that the insurgency is simply pulling a page from the blueblood playbook.

    It doesn't surprise me that Bill Ballenger and Kyle Melinn actually get it, as those two were paying attention 13 months ago, when the big storyline running up to the Mackinac Conference was the party base's desire to replace the top of the ticket with a principled conservative. Hell, even then Schauer was polling right on the margin of error in a hypothetical general election matchup, and he still had statewide name recognition issues. Snyder's negatives were dogging him then, and he hasn't been able to shake them (probably because the progressive-liberal mindset simply cannot process the logical consequences of governing off-platform). Very much like Land, Snyder believed that he could win a general election without first coalescing his party base.

    The consequences of stupidity must be predictably painful, else stupidity will continue.

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