Gamrat’s Final Word

Allegan race hitting a boiling point.

gamratCindy Gamrat is not giving up on setting the record straight in a recent messaging effort.

In my opinion she is rightfully standing firm and remains the best choice for voters in tomorrow’s special election.  A strange mission by house leadership, and the agenda that is in play to control the 80th district seat and its votes is simply bad for Michigan.  Our Lansing politicos have indeed gone to the dark side (timely Star Wars reference) after pretending a change to be made in the way things are done in the capitol.

The problem is that there is a lot of money to be made for SOME folks as the Michigan legislature passes more and higher taxes upon the serfs of the state. As we’ve seen, no majority of GOP in our houses can guarantee responsible management of what we have already surrendered, as long as the special lobbying interests push higher taxes to pad their road building bank accounts.

Adding to this with the other agendas; common core, mainstreaming homosexual behavior, and a culture of death have been inserted into the decision making of the sitting body of lawmakers.  And if that comes as a surprise to any of them, perhaps it is time to open their eyes and see whom they truly align themselves with.

The tentacles of money influence might be hard to follow for the casual observer, but the results are easy enough to feel in our ever-thinning wallets. Gamrat addresses this in a last email blast before tomorrow’s election.  She documents the connections, and makes her last case on this and the other issues mentioned above before the voters hit the polls tomorrow.

Below is a copy of her message.

Cindy Gamrat for State Representative

You are about to vote in what will be an historic election with consequences that are far reaching for generations to come. Your decision in this election will set precedent for how far Lansing politicians can go in removing the duly elected Representation of the people without consequence or accountability.

Lansing politicians, lobbyists, and the liberal media have bombarded the news for over 6 weeks, about a personal indiscretion that I openly admitted to and apologized for, along with a whole bunch of false allegations thrown on top for good measure. They used that to TAKE AWAY YOUR VOICE and YOUR REPRESENTATION and now they are hoping beyond hope that you will side with THEM! Will you do what they are hoping and choose a candidate who is more in line with what Lansing is looking for and who will go along to get along?

I have not misused tax dollars to cover anything up, I had my own office in Lansing, and I have not been found guilty or fined any fees for any wrongdoing. Legal Counsel for the House of Representatives even said the evidence was not there to warrant expulsion.

Yet, I did stand against the party on their major initiative of substantially increasing spending, taxes, and fees on the people of Michigan. I did not pledge your vote away with the caucus pledge that Representatives were instructed to sign on our very first day after being sworn in, and I did not ask their permission when putting forward important legislation that voters of Allegan County wanted.

Throughout this smear campaign, they have done all they can to keep your focus away from my voting and legislative record of over 300 votes and over 55 bills Sponsored and Co-Sponsored, which are a testament to the hard work and focus I had on the issues you sent me there to address.

So in this email, I am going to do what the media has failed to do, and focus on the issues that many of you have told me are important to you.

One issue that continues to come up is outside money influencing elections. Many of you have been inundated with mailers from a lobbyist group called GLEP. GLEP is well known in the political world for supporting Common Core and Lesbian/Gay/Bi-sexual/Transgender (LGBT) friendly candidates, and attacking those who are against Common Core and support traditional marriage.

So why is GLEP dumping tens of thousands into this race in favor of Mary Whiteford? Is it because she has been a supporter of Common Core? Or is it because they believe she will vote favorably for their LGBT agenda?

Mary frequently “likes” and even “loves” Facebook re-posts from Pro Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT) groups such as LGBT News, Gay Geeks, and Lizzy the Lezzy, and also anti-religious groups such as Atheist English Girl, I Survived Christianity, Freedom From Religion, and Jesus, Republicans, and other Bull$&@!. And in just the last election, Whiteford said she would consider giving LGBT special protections under Elliot-Larson.

A lot can be revealed when you follow the money, lobbyist groups do not dump tens of thousands of dollars into a race for nothing. Click here for the evidence and to find out more about this group’s disturbing agenda and why they are spending so much money to influence you to vote for Whiteford and not for me.

Which Candidate to Choose? – Other Issues

Life – Advocating for the Unborn

Storey – says he is pro-life but has not mentioned any pro-life legislation he would sponsor or co-sponsor if elected.

Whiteford -says she is 100% pro-life but has also stated, “I do support emergency contraception“. These include drugs such as Plan B, the same drugs Hobby Lobby filed suit for against Obamacare. She has not mentioned any pro-life legislation she would sponsor or co-sponsor if elected.

Gamrat – Believes life begins at conception and first bill Sponsored was “Life at Conception”, House Bill 4279. Also Sponsored and Co-Sponosered 8 Pro-life bills in just 8 months of serving as State Representative. If re-elected will continue making protecting the unborn a priority as a legislator and will continue to work on these important bills.

Tax and Registration Fee Increases – The House recently passed a package that would increase gas taxes and registration fees by 40%

Storey – During a candidate forum said he would have voted for the previous House roads package, which also included tax and registration fee increases. As County Commissioner supported increasing funding to the Allegan County jail even though the people clearly voted NO.

Whiteford – is receiving financial backing and even support knocking doors for her campaign by the very politicians who have voted and pushed for these tax and fee increases. She endorses and supports politicians and groups who pushed for the passage of Prop 1 and who voted yes on the recent tax and fee increases.

Gamrat – AS STATE REPRESENTATIVE VOTED AGAINST TAX AND FEE INCREASES. Spoke at town halls against Prop 1 and shared on the House floor over 20 different ways for government to cut costs and fund roads without raising taxes. If re-elected will continue to push for cuts to government waste and decreasing taxes instead of increasing them.

Common Core – federal takeover of our schools and loss of local control for parents and teachers

Storey – In a number of candidate forums said that he would be okay with Common Core in schools.

Whiteford – Recently Flip Flopped – Supported Common Core before she was against it. Is being backed by GLEP, the largest lobbyists group in the state pushing Common Core (See above).

Gamrat – AS STATE REPRESENTATIVE SUPPORTED ELIMINATING COMMON CORE. Put forward an Amendment to prevent the government from collecting data on our children. Drafted legislation to eliminate data collection and high stakes testing done in conjunction with Common Core philosophy.

Crony Capitalism and the MEDC – Government Welfare Agency picking winners and losers on the backs of the taxpayer

Storey -Said he would not eliminate the MEDC at Farm Bureau forum. Served on Strategic Fund, an arm of the MEDC costing taxpayers billions. Financially supported by politicians and lobbyists who support the MEDC.

Whiteford – Said she would not eliminate the MEDC at the Farm Bureau forum. Financially supported by politicians and lobbyists who support the MEDC.

Gamrat – AS STATE REPRESENTATIVE CO-SPONSORED LEGISLATION TO ELIMINATE MEDC AND CRONY CAPITALISM. If re-elected will work to eliminate crony capitalism that has taxpayers on the hook for billions.

Second Amendment

Storey – says he is pro-second amendment but has not mentioned any pro-second amendment bills that he would sponsor or co-sponsor if elected.

Whiteford – says she is pro-second amendment but has not mentioned any pro-second amendment bills that he would sponsor or co-sponsor if elected.

Gamrat – AS STATE REPRESENTATIVE SPONSORED AND ENTERED PRO-SECOND AMENDMENT PACKAGE, “CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY” HB 4772 – 4778. Worked for 6 months with national and state gun groups, including Michigan Open Carry and National Association for Gun Rights on this legislation. This package would eliminate the requirement for a permit to carry concealed and also eliminate the requirement to register handguns with the state. Also Co-sponsored additional pro Second Amendment Bills. If re-elected will continue working to see the Constitutional Carry legislation through to passage.

Who will you choose – A strong voice for YOU or a strong voice for Lansing politicians and special interests?

In 2014, Allegan voters sent me to Lansing on campaign promises to vote for and work to protect life, our Second Amendment, and Constitutional freedoms, and to work to decrease government waste, spending, and taxes, so that we could live free and our families and businesses could thrive without the burdensome shackles of an over-regulatory and unsustainable government. As State Representative, I worked hard to do the job you asked me to do and voted for and sponsored legislation for all those things and more, including bills which would protect religious freedom, remove obstacles to health care, and improve the economy.

But many times, Lansing’s desires do not always line up with the people’s desires, so I stood with the residents of Allegan County against the political establishment and under tremendous pressure time and time again, even at great personal cost. This is the real reason why there will be an election in Allegan County this Tuesday.

What kind of votes do you want to see in Lansing and what legislation do you want to see promoted?

Do you want a Representative who you can count on to stand up for what is best for the you, the unborn, and our Second Amendment? Or would you rather have a candidate who will work to continue crony capitalism and Common Core with special interests and the political establishment?

Do you want a Representative with a proven track record of fighting to decrease government waste, spending, taxes and fees for the families and businesses of Allegan County? Or do you want a candidate with a track record of supporting the status quo and going around the people’s wishes?

Your vote in this election will be heard around the world because this election will make a case whether the power and authority of Representation lies with the people or with the politicians. Other Representatives will not speak out against leadership in fear of becoming the next target of the bullying tactics which Lansing readily employs. Many people have asked me on the campaign trail, “why do candidates flip once they get into Lansing or Washington, why do they campaign on one thing and then get in there and do another?”. Now I know, and now we all know, and we should’t let them get away with it. 

I humbly ask for your vote this Tuesday, to be re-elected to finish the work you sent me there to do just under a year ago, and to send a message together to Lansing that we will not stand by while our representation is taken away. If re-elected I will continue to fight for you and will be a strong voice for life, liberty, and less government intrusion in our lives.

Thank you for the prayers and kindness so many have shown throughout this to myself and my family. Our faith is strong and we believe in God’s grace, forgiveness, and redemption for all who believe in Christ. May God give each of us discernment as we head into the voting booth on Tuesday!

With Firm Reliance on Divine Providence,

Joshua 1:9

p.s. please share this with your friends and family and voters you know in Allegan County so they can make an informed decision
p.s.s. you can click the words highlighted in blue for links to the documented evidence

Cindy Gamrat for State Representative

Hopefully Allegan voters (the 80th Michigan house district) see the writing on the wall for Michigan and for their own interests.

We wish her (and the state’s taxpayers) well.

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  3 comments for “Gamrat’s Final Word

  1. Corinthian Scales
    November 2, 2015 at 12:05 pm

    The 80th, if they are smart, better send Cindy back to Lansing. The rest of the field is corrupted so bad that it's going to take the MI-GOPe down the drain with it:

    You Betcha! (10)Nuh Uh.(0)
  2. susanne
    November 2, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    I am not a voter in her district however I have watched this unfold. She would not have been tossed out if not for her own immoral behavior to start with. Yes she voted as she promised and yes I agree with her stand on all the issues BUT when you know the opposition is aiming for you WHY would you then give them every reason to attack and destroy you? IMO- she acted stupidly through out the whole sorted mess.

    Frankly if you weren't aware of the situation you'd think she was just a innocent target by the GOP. There was no acknowlegment in that message of her own responsibility. I am not giving the MIGOP a pass here- they have their own problems they seem to ignore BUT in the final analysis, none of this would have happened has she just did her job and stayed true to her family.

    You Betcha! (8)Nuh Uh.(8)
    • Corinthian Scales
      November 2, 2015 at 2:50 pm

      "Yes she voted as she promised and yes I agree with her stand on all the issues..." FULL STOP.

      Look, Susanne, people make mistakes. Cindy made a mistake. I make mistakes. That's life. Time to get over your pious platitudes horse shit and put your big girl panties on because the UniParty f****** in Lansing are eating your way of doing things for lunch.

      You Betcha! (9)Nuh Uh.(2)

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