From each according to their ability…to each according to their need – Part, oh, whatever

First off, I’d just like to thank those who have sent in suggestions so far for “The Right Michigan Solution for Fixing Michigan Roads” (and yes, I have gotten a few already). I’ve got an update that I like to pass along after the fold.

And for the record, the title of this post isn’t referring to these “poor” schemps.

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Let me start off by saying, if you have not sent one in yet, feel free to include your ideas as a reply to my original post, PM me here at RM or send me an e-mail at:

Now for that update I was talking about.

Some reiterated part of my original list (I have no problem with that…if you have an unwarranred/unjustifiable/pure crony capitalist state gov’t program, building deal or local government/school bailout you want to see axed, by all means pass it along). Some were just kudos for the idea in general and then there was this: HJR K & HB-4341.

Don't forget Fred

Here I thought that I had been long forgotten! It’s so good to see people in power ready and willing to promote my ideology on the masses…

Much like the shambling walkers from “The Walking Dead”, the idea that was tried, tried again and again and yet again, is getting floated around for consideration after the mud hole that was stomped into Gov. Snyder’s Prop 1 by Michigan Taxpayers.

Where is Deputy Grimes when we need him?

Even the people who personally put the Charlie Foster that was Prop 1 on the ballot, not only cannot get away from their own creation fast enough, but they are attempting to rewrite history and hope that Michigan Taxpayers won’t notice.

Exhibit “A”: Rep. Jim Townsend post (primary sponsor of BOTH bills) on his FB Page today:

“Low- and middle-income families are over taxed, fed up and want the wealthy and well-connected to pay their fair share. So what do House Republicans propose? A failed “plan” to “fix the roads” on the backs of the working poor. Worse yet, Speaker Cotter is calling it “tax fairness.” There is absolutely nothing “fair” about raising taxes on families who are working hard and still can’t get out of poverty.”

Umm, Rep. Townsend? You DO know that you are on public record supporting Proposal 1 which did the exact same thing that you are now rallying against?

Exactly where did you think that $1.945-billion in new revenue was coming from? The tooth fairy?

So will HJR K / HB-4341 make the list?

Well, if you’re proposing more money going into Lansing’s coffers, that already violated the no tax hike provision, so the short answer is “no”.

There are still 12-days to go. Keep your comments and feedback coming. Please include as much info on your suggestion (i.e. where it is at in the budget and how much total savings can be realized), so that they can be included in the final post.

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