Finley: Time is Ripe to Rewrite History

Really, Nolan?

The bill the Senate passed goes now to the House, where the cadre of “no tax hike” Republicans who killed it in the spring remain unconvinced Michigan needs more money for roads.


Mr. Finley, likes to speak of Rep. Rob VerHeulen (R-Meijer Thrifty Acres), and his bill as if HB 5477 does not exist nor was passed in the House on May 8, 2014.

One more thing for Mr. Finley, who likes to paint fiscally responsible Conservatives as obstructionists…


The only thing I despise more than the ill informed is a liar. The only thing I despise more than a liar is those who push their agenda by manipulating the ill informed with lies.

Ps. for any dopes out there who believe they are not paying enough in taxes, click here, and send as much as you like.

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