Do Not Let the Establishment Demoralize You!

Following the 2020 election, the feeling of something being very wrong in this country hit its pinnacle with millions of Americans.

Over the years, we have endured an increasing more corrupt government, a dishonest media, a rigged financial system, increased crime, and a drastic loss of civil liberties, and Draconian corporate censorship. So much has happened and from so many different angles, that it has become difficult to keep up with it all.

Yet throughout this assault on the hard-working majority, by a well-funded and well-publicized lunatic fringe, Americans have kept the faith and kept fighting for their liberties. Such is the case with grassroots activists fighting for our freedoms, best exemplified by Michigan State Rep. Matt Maddock.

Maddock sacrificed his time, along with his wife Meshawn, to further the cause of freedom in our suffocating nation. They helped recruit and train everyday citizens as precinct delegates for years in order to show them that reigning in out-of-control government was within their grasp. Then, Maddock ran for public office himself to help change the entrenched culture of corruption in Lansing, and he has been hit with major flak because he’s over the target.

Over a week ago, the Michigan Republican grassroots achieved the seemingly insurmountable task of beating establishment candidates at its state convention. They made the Republican power structure look like amateurs by sending their chosen candidates packing in favor of grassroots candidates such as Secretary of State nominee Kristina Karamo and Attorney General nominee Matt DePerno. Matt and his wife, Meshawn, who has risen to second in command of the Michigan Republican Party, unarguably helped to lay the groundwork for this unprecedented victory.

However, in Republican politics, the real fight begins after you have won. We learned that after Trump won the presidency and then was sabotaged by a fifth column inside the Republican Party at every turn. Aspects of the GOP establishment regularly demand unity for me but not for thee. There is no question that, following the futile attempt by certain Republican state committee members to decertify the convention results following the drumming that was doled out by the grassroots, it was just the start of their vengeance—which leads us to the unfortunate events of one week ago.

With little to no explanation, current Michigan House Speaker, Rep. Jason Wentworth, stripped Maddock of his ability to caucus with other Republicans. In his tantrum, Wentworth even deleted Maddock off the list of republican state representatives on the website. It is also no secret that Maddock seeks to open-up the process and is backing grassroots challengers, many of whom have been endorsed by President Trump himself, in order to change the culture in Lansing. He is also running to be the next House Speaker, a move that is vehemently opposed by the special interests that usually call the shots in the Capitol.

And therefore, those that run the Lansing political machine are going after Maddock in the hopes of squashing hard-working Michigan residents from ever holding power through a true representative government. This is swamp politics at its worst.

So, what can Michigan patriots do?

YOU MUST REMAIN ENGAGED, get to know your candidates for public office, find out where they stand on the issues that matter to you most. When you identify candidates for the Michigan House of Representatives, make sure to insist they commit to a Michigan First agenda of election integrity, a balanced budget, lower taxes, supporting law-enforcement, repelling the “woke mob” at every level, fixing our roads, supporting quality education and choice for parents, and getting out of the way of businesses to ensure job growth. Also, make sure you expect them to support Maddock for speaker as he is the Trump Republican needed to lead Michigan back to glory.

When grassroots activists began our efforts to reign in government, we were ignored, then laughed at, now we are attacked, which can only mean we are close to prevailing. Hold the line and continue to push back. We will win if we double down and refuse to let our enemies demoralize us. Do not succumb to infighting. Many called the Maddocks RINOs for months, knowing absolutely nothing about the inner workings of state GOP politics, based off of their own erroneous misconceptions due to rumors and half-truths spread by disingenuous charlatans on social media. We must be positive, we must be smart, and we must keep focused on the end goal. Then we shall achieve liberty as our forefathers did.

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  2 comments for “Do Not Let the Establishment Demoralize You!

  1. Corinthian Scales
    May 3, 2022 at 11:10 pm

    There is no possibility of one voting their way out of what they are born into. You are still pawns of the world's greatest parasite. This, if you were learned, would've known from the greatest leader of the 20th Century.


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  2. Sue Schwatrz
    May 7, 2022 at 1:26 pm

    Shane, excellent AGAIN. In awe the punishment meted out. One guy gets indicted, not arrested, convicted, etc., but indicted and looses his office and caucus standing by Lee Chatfield, presumably on orders from MIGOP. All of the MIGOP and others, are aware of Lee's indiscretions, so Lee does what he's told to keep his indiscretions under wraps. Same seems to be true for Wentworth. Where is it that Wentworth (or Chatfield) follows what the GOP says instead of what's right by the real members of the GOP? Is it a matter of a spine? Balls? Do these idiots not understand that it's not Maddock being punished but his constituents. These actions merely piss us off. I cannot wait for the revealing of Wentworth's indiscretions.

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