Detroit Democrat Stephanie Chang’s New Police?

Headline: Opinion: Police should partner with social workers

The tragic and unjust murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and too many Black and Brown Americans by police officers has led our nation to a moment where we must act now to make real change happen.

That means reimagining how we respond to crime and the role of law enforcement in our communities so that we can better address problems and prevent crime. This can start with social work and police partnerships.

Hol’ up a moment… let’s review what Stephanie Chang, D-Detroit, thinks about “Black and Brown” seniors in Metro Detroit assisted living, nursing and, longterm care facilities, shall we?

2020 Senate Resolution 125: A resolution to denounce the Governor’s policy placing COVID-19 positive residents with uninfected residents in nursing homes.

Introduce by, Jim Runestad-R. Sponsored by, Peter Lucido-R, Lana This-R, Aric Nesbitt-R, John Bizon-R, Curtis VanderWall-R, Tom Barrett-R, and Peter MacGregor-R

That’s already not looking too good for compassionate Chang, D-Detroit, newfound concern for policing when she abandoned the opportunity to sponsor a resolution for “Black and Brown” seniors, our most vulnerable in Detroit, is it? Ok, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt from blowing the opportunity to sponsor before introduction on June 16, 2020 to the vote on June 18, 2020.

The vote is! Click HERE.

Would you look at that? Just two white democrats voted for protecting “Black and Brown” seniors in Metro Detroit assisted living, nursing and, longterm care facilities. One, the wear a mask because it’s like wearing a sock Karen from Royal Oak, and the other, former teacher of the year gun-banning Karen from Livonia.

With that level of moonbattery above who can see Gov. Whitmer, to this day, is purposely murdering our most vulnerable by infecting them with COVID-19 positive patients, then what does that say about Stephanie Chang, D-Detroit?

Anyhoo, back to Democrat Chang’s New Police.

Social workers specialize in addressing the root of these problems. In fact, social workers are well-suited to de-escalate a situation and prevent our community members (and law enforcement) from getting shot, choked, or killed, because of their training and social justice mindset, which understands that inadequate safety measures create consequences for individuals, families and communities.

Ah, so what Democrat Stephanie Chang wants based upon her psychobabble degreed education is like what every Democrat in all their lawless hellholes want, which is what is pictured below.

Apparently, Taiwan did not send us its best and brightest when they gave birth to their li’l Stephanie in Detroit.

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