Democrats, reporting for duty!

What’s good for thee, but not for me holds oh so true for Michigan democrats.

What antics are they up to know?

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While Michigan democrats have done an utterly spectacular job of annihilating Michigan’s economy (which also means what, class?), throwing life into chaos at every opportunity they get and generally mucked up the 2019-2020 academic year because DPSCD doesn’t have anything in place to conduct distance learning, they’re at it again whining about doing their job.

While far too many Michiganians have either seen their jobs cut (while simultaneously being unable to apply for UI to pay their bills) or severely reduced due to the guv’s SS-orders because it’s better to be safe (“You’ll thank me later!!!), certain elected officials are balking about showing up for work next week.

With Gov. Witless’ EO’s due to expire on April 13th, the Michigan Legislature is scheduled to meet for only one day between now and then to take up extending them another 70 days.

Yep, you heard that correctly, everyone. Gov. Witless wants to take the current situation from “What the hell just happened?!?” to “I cannot believe that you want to crank that damage knob up to 11 making things that much more worse!!!”

Seeking to back up the Triumvirate of Terror (Whitmer/Benson/Nessel), House democrats are complaining that they run the risk of contagion if they were to show up for work to support this further decimation of Michigan.

House Minority Leader Greig wrote severals letter to Speaker Chatfield several days ago lamenting not only that they need to wear protective gear in order to show up for work, but also supporting Gov Witless’ 70-day extension as the right thing to do. Hmmm, I wonder what she would’ve said/done when people where about to beat the tar out of one another at the grocery store I was at last week?

At least, at work, I didn’t have to contend with my co-workers lamenting about a bug. We had a job to do, we showed up, we did it and we went home. Much like the dwindling few of us still punching a clock here in Michigan.

However, according to the democrats way of thinking, this SS-order for your own good, so suck it up!

Making matters worse, HML Greig is trying to act stupid when it comes to reading a calander. She tried arguing that the 28-days countdown that Gov. Witless is working with really ends on April 28th.

In his defense, Speaker Chatfield put the kibosh on her asinine notion by telling Rep. Greig

“Your interpretation results in an obvious absurdity — that any governor could just revise and reissue declarations in perpetuity, rendering the clear language of the law and the legislative branch meaningless.”

The situation at the south end end of the Capitol Building isn’t much better. Sen McMorrow is lamenting why they just don’t “telecommute” to Lansing to conduct public business, and grasping at straws from a pundit to justify her position.

I don’t know about you, but many of the elected officials whom I know have the tech savviness that can is easily out-classed by just about any Michigan Middle School Student. What can possibly go wrong again?

And, oh yeah, what kind of track record does Michigan Government have with maintaining their own computers?

I thought so.

On that note, if you’re happy seeing everything come crashing down, just sit back and do nothing and watch the train wreck that is Michigan’s economy continue to pinwheel down the mountain.


I’d highly advise calling up your elected officials and tell them to end the governor’s damage right here and now.

She has done more than enough damage to our state with her poorly conceived and executed executive orders.

The Michigan Legislature needs to take away her authority and put her on a very short leash for the foreseeable future.

If she balks, and most likely AG Nessel with back her up when she does, take it down the street to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Let her try to defend the devastation.

From L to R (???) House Minority Leader Christine Greig, Sen. Minority Leader Jim Ananich and Sen. Mallory McMorrow. We’re here and we’re ready to go! What can our party screw up next?

You Betcha! (9)Nuh Uh.(1)

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