Data and Science says Whitmer? Jeffrey I. Barke, MD Responds

From Big Gretch’s latest tour on the Fakestream News media circuit.

Whitmer said, “None. I’m not going to succumb to political pressure or political demonstrations or social media pressure. The fact of the matter is we have to listen to our epidemiologists, experts in our phenomenal research universities in Michigan. We are talking with international experts as well. We’re going to stay tethered to the data, follow the science, and we’ve got to get this right. Anything else puts people in jeopardy, and I’m not willing to do that.”

Watch to the end and, you decide.

Did you see the most foundation-destroying issue that begs further discussion?

The good doctor said:

“So, were good when we’re waiting in line to go to Costco or, go to Walmart. But we’re not okay waiting line to go to cast a ballot. Our fundamental constitutional Rights of voting. So, it’s too dangerous for us to do that but, it’s not too dangerous for us to go to a marijuana dispensary, a liquor store, or a Costco. You know, I’m not saying that, that Governor Newsom has purposely done this, from the standpoint of trying to alter an election, I don’t want to believe that, boy I just don’t want to believe that, I just think he’s making decisions in a vacuum without a clear perspective and differences of opinion for him to make that decision, but it just doesn’t seem right when when we can’t wait in line to vote, but we can wait in line to go to a marijuana dispensary or, a Costco or, a liquor store or, you name it. When elective surgeries are deemed inaccessible, but elective abortions are considered to be okay, that doesn’t make sense to me. There is no consistency in these decisions just are being made, in my opinion, in a capricious and arbitrary way.”

Fair enough, Doc. I understand that some people are hesitant to see the true evil in people and say it the way it is. But, what if I showed you that other states with Democrat governors are doing the exact same thing that Governor Newsom has done with Vote by Mail, and they are also using federal COVID stimulus monies (illegally) to accomplish their Party’s election altering agenda?

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Ps. the mask thing… sure, you go ahead and wear them at your own risk.

This dude will not abide.

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