Credit Where Due

We applaud our Attorney General for opposing Obama's illegal acts.

Ilegal_AliensMichigan is a border state.

We have also been blessed with planned migration of illegal children, and causing what I believe to be an outbreak of disease we have not seen in decades.  Then taking the immigration action the fraud-in-chief has perpetrated into account, its about damned time we do something as a state to fight back. Its not like we haven’t been encouraging it, right?

Yup, Its bad enough our congressional delegation hasn’t done JACK.  But I guess a limit was finally reached in Lansing.  From an Attorney General’s Office release:

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette today joined a lawsuit brought by attorneys general and governors from 20 other states to challenge the President’s recent unilateral executive order on immigration.

“America deserves a hopeful immigration policy. Throughout our history, America has provided a beacon of hope across the world. But the President’s unilateral executive order on immigration, bypassing Congress, is constitutionally flawed,” said Schuette.

The States’ complaint was filed by Texas in Federal District Court and was immediately followed by a request for a preliminary injunction. The multistate coalition includes Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Good start.

Read the States’ motion for a preliminary injunction filed on December 04, 2014, HERE.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    December 10, 2014 at 9:48 am

    Yes, sir. That $900 million cooked into the state budget being doled out to illegal aliens sure could fix a lot of roads, yes? Oddly enough, nobody ever sees this guy bitching about businesses cheap labor pool, do they? Do let me know otherwise, and I'll gladly post it.

    What I am more interested in is the Gruber induced, 2015 SCOTUS Shoe to Drop.

    It's amusing to see Politico come to Jesus on this, as I pointed that out too.

    The Supreme Court, should they rule that the Obamacare law only permits subsidies in places where states set up their own exchanges, will result in the cessation (and possible retroactive clawback) of subsidies given to people in all the states without state-run exchanges -- including Florida.

    Should that happen the system will instantly collapse, as with the removal of the subsidy will come the removal of the coverage requirement. In that event I and millions of other healthy people will immediately drop our give to the sick coverage and buy only what we actually need to cover only our actual persons. The resulting collapse of transfer payments will destroy Obamacare on an instant and irrevocable basis, and also likely destroy the state budgets of those states that decided to expand Medicaid!

    The impact of this decision, should it go that way, will reach north of a trillion dollars in the first year alone.

    It'll be the end of Obamacare, whether Obama likes it or not.


    A reminder:

    Should be fun watching Snyder/Calley's #ComebackState as they all try to bullshit their way through to 2018.

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