Best Year Ever

It sure has been a good one!

The title might be just a tiny exaggeration, but any thinking person might understand what we’re talking about.

2017, the year where the unimaginable played out in the U.S.A.  When Republican Donald Trump took the reins back from the ultra left wing Democrat party, the Hillary apologists in the media were humiliated daily, and the desperation of the left to regain it’s power led to the #MeToo ‘movement’ and subsequent self destruction of key left wing politicos and personalities.

The new Donald Trump reality is one that has proven to be fruitful for retirement accounts with unheard of new highs in market confidence and new commitments to American industry and innovation.  As regulatory burdens have been lifted, the promise of full employment, and income increases are now appearing to be the next sure thing.

Its the Economy stupid.

Or at least it was 25 years ago, when Bill Clinton’s campaign said so. Now with all the most positive news about the American work and manufacturing sector happening, pollsters would tell us that the president is only enjoying the lowest polling numbers, but of course same said pollsters predicted a Hillary win in November of 2016 as well, so..

In Michigan, we can certainly still revel in helping Donald Trump win that 2016 race, but there are those who had ZERO faith in the Republican candidate for president, withdrew support in the wee hours of the campaign, yet think they have the credibility to carry the flag of the grand old party to the Michigan executive office in 2018.


Watching that particular joker lose that bet again in August will be nearly as fun as it was watching Trump win Michigan turn red in the 2016 general election.  I suppose Michigan might think Snyder 2.0 is a worthwhile bet, ..or maybe not.

Trump has proven not only Snyder Junior wrong, but just about any detractor on the left, OR the neu-right. When even the #NeverTrump ‘conservatives’ were arguing that the Russia collusion nonsense was probable, it was still simple fantasy. 2017 has revealed there is more evidence to support the jailing of Trump’s former political opponent, than anything he himself might be found culpable.

The perpetrator in pantsuit is likely dreading 2018 and the ongoing discoveries that will bury her and her criminal enterprise; a development that could certainly challenge 2017 for “best year” status.  Though its no guarantee, continued pressure by the Judicial Watch organization as well as from some key congressional figures has yielded much that points to unacceptable levels of corruption from the Clinton Inc., including the pressure to sell off state security for Clinton family personal profit.

In the meantime, the Donald plods on with renewed flexing of American Muscle, regained respect in the eyes of the world, a major slap-down of the United Nations after RIGHTLY deciding that the capitol of Israel is where it is. The EPA is being defanged, the military is abandoning the nonsensical capitulation to the trans-humanist lobby, Immigration control is being returned, and the tax cuts that will allow us to grow out of our debt have happened!

What is not to like?

President Trump proclaiming Nov. 7, the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, as the National Day for the Victims of Communism?

The appeal of the Mandate which forced American citizens to buy a consumer product (health insurance) as a condition of citizenship?

The ban on travel from nations that provide a serious national security and safety risk?

A re-energized space exploration program that promises technical and inspirational future benefit?

A renewed and vigorous defense of human life, and opposition to abortion on demand?

Conservative appointments to the courts, including a top shelf constitutional jurist to the Supreme court?

A rejection of the Paris accord, which threatened higher costs to American industry and taxpayers alike?

VA reform, allowing veterans to access in a more timely manner, the benefits due them?

The end of the Justice Department Operation Choke Point, an Obama program encouraging banks not to do business with “high risk” businesses, which was used to target gun dealers?

The rollback on Obama admin regulations that “would necessarily bankrupt” coal providers?

Strengthening our military?

What, I ask?

2017 was indeed a great year.  It was a year which returned us to a direction of greatness unknown since the 80s, and possibly beyond.  A year which many of us could not have imagined, and a direction that takes us back to the promise of our nation’s prominence on the world stage once again.

2017 was a year to reward the optimist.

While we still might have some minor things (who doesn’t?) to complain about, there are so many great things that were apparently out of reach only a year ago that have, or are now becoming reality, that most complaints can be set aside for now.  Politically, we are seeing the decline of the democrat party, and nationally, we are seeing a return to the confidence of a nation held back for too many years.

Best year ever?

Perhaps, but looking great for at least a few more to follow as well.

Happy New Year folks!!!



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  2 comments for “Best Year Ever

  1. Sue Schwartz
    January 1, 2018 at 7:01 am

    Cannot add a single thing other than daily tears of Joy. I have never added a President to my prayer list until now. Everyday he's in my prayers. And, never before have we been so daily entertained by his tweets. He tweets things that we're all thinking--like we could use some Global warming. In fact, we're entertained daily--watching him go after the fake news has been real fun. And, watching this man think--holding strategies close to the chest--tweeting out subtle warnings--OMG cannot wait until the UN is defunded--definitely see this coming--the seed's been planted. While he's creating more jobs, he's going after the huge fake global warming industry. Yaaaa, I say. MAGA says it all.

    WELCOME 2018

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  2. KG One
    January 1, 2018 at 11:40 am

    The only caveat that I would add to the above is that President Trump needs contend with "the ultra left wing Democrat party" embedded within the Republican Party itself.

    But when you essentially give Michigan Taxpayers the middle finger when it comes to income taxes (arguing against it by claiming "how will it be paid for"), while subsequently giving away the store to a well-connected businessman by the name of Dan Gilbert (and as that old saying goes "You ain't seen nothing yet!").

    Pay lip service to 2A issues.

    Not standing up to community agitators.

    Not firing community agitators in party positions posing as Republicans (yes, this schemp still is drawing a paycheck).

    Have a "republican congressman" essentially welcome terrorists into America.

    Fail to end Obamacare once and for all (a little more on that failure to act below).

    Essentially handing your kids/grandkids the tab by spending money that we don't have, just so that you don't look bad by "shutting down the government" (hint: it isn't anywhere nearly as bad as the MSM wants you to believe.)

    Sit on your backsides for nearly a year, and like a kid cramming before finals, pass tax reform at the literal very last minute.

    Seeing what our president has done, mostly on his own with little to no "Republican Party" support, has given me plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

    But, I'll challenge anyone to debate me that by removing those aforementioned obstacles out of the way, America's Economy will not only be running on all cylinders, but with a Nitrous pack and Supercharger bolted on for good measure!

    I double-dog dare them to try.

    2018 should be a very good year.

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