Another nail in the coffin.

It’s amazing what falls under the radar in the local news.

So recently, Oakland Co. Exec. L. Brooks Patterson announced that he will not be supporting the RTA tax when it come up again on the ballot again this fall.

The response was very predictable. The leeches and parasites (aka Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Wayne Co. Exec. Warren Evans) threw a hissy fit that a.) they weren’t notified in advance, b.) they felt that they already had an agreement in place to jam it down Southeastern Michigan Taxpayers Throats, and c.) the RTA would collapse like a house of cards because the cost to Wayne County would be too great.

The sycophants of the leeches and parasites in the local media (read: The Freep) threw an equally unimpressive temper tantrum..using the same talking points.

Well, guess what?

Macomb County got into the act as well (and it doesn’t look too good for the RTA tax).

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Several days ago at the Macomb County Board of Commissioners Government Operations Meeting, Macomb County Commissioner Leon Drolet introduced Resolution # R18-1243, A resolution to prioritize transportation funding in Macomb County.

Bottom line, he threw the gauntlet down. Do you want to spend money to fix disintegrating county and local roads or do you want to pay to appease the tender snowflakes who like to ride empty buses (but not pay the full cost of doing so)?

Well, guess what?

The resolution passed by a 8-4 vote.

It was amusing watching the discussion on the issue because it put the democratic majority on the spot.

And those 4 “nay” votes were from???

Yes, the four nay votes were all from democrats.

Yes, the four represented mostly the south end of Macomb County where an Anti-RTA campaign (not affiliated with that other Anti-RTA campaign) was very visible.


Remember me?

And yes, those four DO NOT use the SMART line to get to and from Board Meetings. They all drive their personal vehicles and park in assigned spaces right next to the front door in the Taj Macomb parking structure.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see how this plays out.

Stay tuned!

You Betcha! (8)Nuh Uh.(1)

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