And yet, they continue telling us even more lies.

To say that keeping up on actual LEGITIMATE news recently is an understatement.

Between what has essentially become an increasingly deafening echo chamber from the cancel culture obsessed progressive media and their democrat party masters, actual bona fide news is still out there, just skillfully hidden from the masses.

From President Trump’s call to, um, I’m not sure exactly what it was he said to trigger the snowflakes in Congress. But whatever it was, it was sufficient to get them to pass one of the quickest bills I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and impeach him a second time. Great job at misdirection, BTW! All of the attention from last year’s election fraud was masterfully redirected elsewhere. Whew, that was a close one! Let the people’s agenda commence!

Say, how does that whole impeachment a second time work after the 20th anyways? The politicians pushing for this and the pundits were a little fuzzy with their logic.

In case anyone is still unsure about what Pres. Trump really said, feel free to watch the entire speech here (don’t worry, it won’t get banned anytime soon).

Then we have the ominous “unspecified threats, from unknown origin” calling for violence across America this week.

Does anyone know about any “protests” schedule this week, because I certainly have not heard of any? And I spent a better part of my day texting, e-mailing and calling people to get to the bottom of that.

Still, it’s amazing what turns up with just a little bit of digging.

{You know the drill}

Let me start off by addressing the “breach” at the US Capitol Building.

I’ve been to more than a few MAGA/Tea Party Rallies. Not only is that behavior very peculiar and antithetical to those I’ve observed attending, but it just screams S.O.P. for ANTIFA & BLM (think Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis & Detroit).

Sure, the progressive echo chamber instantaneously gloms on the narrative that since the rally was called by Pres. Trump, that ONLY Pres. Trump supporters would even think of attending.

So much for what tries to pass itself off as unbiased journalism.

I guess that they never heard of BLM supporter John Sullivan (aka JaydenX). You can watch him in his own words threaten a sitting President here (YouTube still didn’t scrub his channel…hmmm, why would they?).

That brings me to this week’s canard regarding the purported “protests” all across America. Just about every state capitol, along with Washington DC itself, has activated the National Guard to provide security to thwart the imminent threats of violent protests. Even Gov. Witless herself is taking part in this performance.
According to her, the FBI has provided conclusive evidence that something WILL occur this week.


That’s interesting, because I made some calls and asked for a copy of that report. The file size is too big for me to post here in its entirety, but the relevant sections are included below.

I especially loved the sections on Pages 2 and 6;

“(U//FOUO) Since the incident at the US Capitol on 6 January, Russian, Iranian, and Chinese
influence actors have seized the opportunity to amplify narratives in furtherance of their policy
interest amid the presidential transition . We have not identified any specific, credible information
indicating that these actors intend to explicitly commit violence . Furthermore, we have not
identified any specific, credible cyber threat to critical infrastructure supporting the upcoming
Presidential Inaugurationnor a specific credible cyber threat to military or law enforcement
personnel supporting the event.

(U//FOUO) In addition, we assess that unauthorized unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations
can disrupt law enforcement operations at the 59th Presidential Inauguration , present a hazard to
civilians around the event, or delay the event’s proceedings, though we possess no specific ,
credible information indicating malicious actors have plans to use UAS to target the
59th Presidential Inauguration.”

“( U //FOUO ) Homegrown Violent Extremists

( U // FOUO) At this time, we have not identified any actionable or credible threats to the
59th Presidential Inauguration involving HVEs.”

Let me just reiterate what people claiming to be “legitimate journalists” refuse to tell everyone:

“We have not identified any specific, credible information indicating that these actors intend to explicitly commit violence.”

THAT is your conclusive evidence???

This is nothing more than a cruel hoax perpetrated by the media, not only here in Michigan, but America as well.

If there is any doubt, just look at who showed up today in Lansing to “protest”.

Yep! Typical crowd I always see at a MAGA Rally!

Did anyone see this on any local media outlet or newspaper here in Michigan?

What do we have here…

Masks covering their faces.

Pure LGBTIQ flags (“Rainbow Flag”).

My personal favorite is the one sporting the impressive “Black Lives Matter” shirt, complete with angry fist image!

Anyone ever see one of those at a MAGA Rally?

How about a Tea Party event?

Nope, me neither!

And the media wonders why they no longer have any credibility?

Don’t buy the lie.

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  4 comments for “And yet, they continue telling us even more lies.

  1. Sue Schwatrz
    January 18, 2021 at 9:10 am

    Credible threat? What about the earthquake in Maine? What about a jet being lazered in half over UP. Just say'n.

    You Betcha! (4)Nuh Uh.(0)
  2. Stuart
    January 18, 2021 at 5:05 pm

    Why shouldn't they keep lying... it is working just fine.

    You Betcha! (3)Nuh Uh.(0)
  3. B. Roubal
    January 20, 2021 at 11:38 am

    As of today (1-20-2021), we are all fellow "COMRADS". Welcome to the (USSRA) United States Socialist Republic of America.

    You Betcha! (1)Nuh Uh.(0)

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