And WE are considered the dangerous ones?

All I’ve got to say is, “WOW! What a difference 48-hours makes.”

Rather than waste my time focusing on a bunch of community agitators this weekend, I spent most of it focusing on the NASA feeds watching the SpaceX Launch yesterday.

Little did I realize how quickly an arrest over someone using fake ID (and apparently his unwillingness to follow basic commands) quickly spiraled into a series of riots which not only burned a large chunks of Minneapolis to the ground, but spread to a number of other cities across America, including several here in Michigan, resulting in at least one death (so far) and an as-yet to be determined dollar amount of property damage.

Which begs a rather obvious question regarding perceptions and politics?

{And exactly what they might be you may ask yourself? You know the drill.}

Starting about a month and a half ago, Liberty-Minded Michiganians began protesting around our state against a governor who has exceeded her legal authority and loves using our Constitutional Rights to wipe her hind quarters with.

In their best Greta Tintin Thunberg voice ..“How dare they!”, Gov. Witless’ acolytes exclaim.

“Why aren’t you wearing a mask?”, the Nessel NPC’s will wonder.

Gov. Witless’ devotes bellow, “Don’t you realize that she is only trying to keep everyone safe?”

They generally end with THIS zinger, “Your careless actions are no different than shooting a gun around your home towns indiscriminately.” FYI, this is their favorite argument they love using when everything else in their repertoire fails.

Oh, how I love it when they use the “GUNZ”-analogy. Especially since it runs totally contrary to the firearms safety classes everyone here has taken.

They love pouring through all of the images and videos. Despite an otherwise uneventful day, they love to glom onto that ONE item they can use to characterize the entire event.

“Confederate” Flags, nooses, Nazi imagery (even when used appropriately) and this little gem;

“Directly above me, men with rifles yelling at us. Some of my colleagues who own bullet proof vests are wearing them. I have never appreciated our Sergeants-at-Arms more than today.”

Yeah, I appreciated the Sergeants-at-Arms, as well. They couldn’t have been any more accommodating and friendly to us while you sat on your collective behinds for almost SEVEN HOURS that day under the guise of “caucus calls” and recess’.

Yet, WE get labeled as the violent ones?!?

Please remind me again; where was all of this damage and destruction?

Who was actually shot? Did a firearm even go off? What windows & doors were smashed? What buildings were burned to the ground? Which politicians were physically attacked? Whose news crews were physically assaulted?

And remember, one of the Redcoats (i.e. Michigan House Sergeants-at-Arms), physically threw a woman out of the House Gallery doors. Yes, he got singled out and yelled at the next day, but that was it.

Fast-forward to this weekend.

I have honestly lost track at the number of US Cities that are in flames right now.

Focusing on Michigan alone, you have police cars along with buildings which were vandalized and set ablaze. At least one person is dead in Detroit. Who here wants to take a wild guess which party the mayor of those cities belongs to?

Then, the Cultural Marxists apologists will come out.

They’ll claim that this is not indicative of the “peaceful” citizens within those respective communities who were rioting over the weekend.

They’ll like to claim that all of the violence and destruction was REALLY committed by “outsiders”.

Yeah, right?

I’ve been following up on some of my “sources” in this corner of Michigan.

The usual suspects, BAMN and NAN, were promoting and organizing “peaceful” protests over the weekend for an event that didn’t even occur here in Michigan.
And just in case anyone reading this still have doubts as to their ulterior motives, why is it that they always have Bail Disruptors on standby if they honestly believe that everything is expected to go “peacefully”?

Detroit Lockup got you down? Then I’ll get you out! Text JailSUX to me Megan @ (313) 320-4463


So, will I!!! Text JailSUX to me Asia @ (248) 702-5430. Don’t pay any attention to that area code. I’m really from Detroit.

Yes, you have read that correctly, they have people whose “job” it is to locate which precinct scofflaws have been taken to and arrange to have them bailed out of jail.

At least here in Michigan, with Witless’ lockdown still in place, I anticipate things to get gradually worse over the coming days, mainly in the urban areas. Ever notice how these riots never seem to happen in rural areas?

Expect the Cultural Marxists to start appearing in greater numbers to excuse the actions of rioters.

And, oh yeah, expect them to recommend more money and some type of increased local authority to alleviate the “underlying causes” of these riots.

Let the absurdity commence!

And in the end, we are still considered the “dangerous” ones?

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  1. Jason
    May 31, 2020 at 1:33 pm

    Hehehe Things are about to change

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