2920 More Days

Eight years of the lady parts.

Truthfully, I wonder if Rick Snyder couldn’t have replaced Senator Whitmer on the Capitol steps that day 6 plus years ago.

Yeah that was a boot to the backside of the guy who really needed to go, but it’s not getting any better.  For those of you with a strong constitution, rewind and play all of the video linked above. It’s obviously family friendly because it has kids in it holding signs, right?

Gretchen Whitmer is hardly friendly to the patriarchal designs of safety for the family however. While promoting theV-J-J day nonsense in that video, she at the same time has been speaking to weakening the protections afforded to us by the authorities protecting our borders and removing gang elements.

Ice Ice baby.

Probably not well thought out, her parting comment in this video speaks volumes if she intends to act upon it given that the job is now hers.  Accountability to one’s words are the hallmark of the up and coming XX Democrat activist, yes?

Somehow, there is a disconnect with the XX movement and the very ‘patriarchal’ nature of SE Michigan immigration however.  The V-J-J day exercise seems to run in conflict with the practices of such favored ‘immigrant’ communities that practice FGM.

Arguably, the forced mutilation of XX children is tantamount to kidnapping and torture, and should be considered under federal statute period.  However liberal judges are now a dime a dozen, and while supported by wing nut lefty XX’ers cannot support the V-J-J position that “my V-J-J is my own.”

Arguably, the left is insane.

But have no fear Michigan!   Maybe a good Michigan attorney general will save the day!

Dana Nessel may or may not have been anywhere near the V-J-J rally attended by our new governor, so she may not want to talk xxtensively about her XX lady parts. But for sure she is against showing the XY parts. Absolutely!

In fact, maybe there is enough crazy left over after making such a video as this to go after the culture of XY that is congealing in the SE corner of the state and save those young XX’ers that were ignored by a particular judge when their V-J-J’s were radically mutilated?

Sadly, this isn’t really funny.

Jocylyn Benson isn’t funny either. She is just an un-indicted conspirator in an election fraud scheme who now runs our elections.

For 8 more years.


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  2 comments for “2920 More Days

  1. KG One
    January 2, 2019 at 7:05 pm

    So, you're not too optimistic that Team "r" won't screw the pooch again after two years by shoving someone into the grassroots' faces simply because it is "their turn"???

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    January 2, 2019 at 11:56 pm

    Dammit. I hate to be all black pill here, never the less, it's over in Michigan.



    As your video above illustrates, Gretchen, now a plump cow, was then nothin more than the ringleader of Grrrlpower bitter bitches. Well, that was then, this is now- her big unfuc*able tank ass, and her "1.5 Calley tall" community organizing deadbeat negro are at the helm.

    The dyke now in charge of law? Shit, this comment will no longer be allowed without prosecution once she gets her tongue in groove. Pun very much intended.

    Shitskins don't vote Republican.

    End of story.

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