You Scratch my Back, and I’ll Scratch…

Nice to see that “Screw you” Walker, hasn’t let his time in Lansing change who he is.

Capitol Confidential asked Sen. Walker what he thought the chances were that his bills would move through the Legislature this year.

BirdshredderFail“Well, we have very few session days left, but we also have the lame duck session,” Sen. Walker said. “With so few session days you really couldn’t say for sure that it would move – on the other hand, when there’s a lame duck session, you really couldn’t say for sure that it wouldn’t.”

Capitol Confidential asked Sen. Walker about a possible connection between the bills and Marty Lagina, CEO and founder of Heritage Sustainable Energy, which operates industrial wind plants in Northern Michigan.

“I’ve known Marty Lagina a long time,” Sen. Walker said. “He and I worked together on oil and gas development in the late 1970s. Marty has discussed the lawsuit situation with me. I believe this legislation might be a way to address the issue.”


This costly, dirt worshiping cult religion of Green Energy nonsense just never ends.

My guess is Howard’s inside deal for his buddy will take place right after the Nerd, and Calley plunder everyone’s wallet, yet again. Then, after that, brace yourselves for 30 by 35.

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  1. November 6, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    Lagina says:

    " “If you build a house on your property and comply with all of the ordinances and standards, should someone be able to come in afterward, change the rules, and then claim you’re no longer complying?” Lagina asked rhetorically. “I don’t think that’s a system that people would want.” "


    With this argument, it makes sense that ALL Zoning should be eliminated. Frankly, a harmful effect on anyone can be excused by the LIMITS placed on the affected area if zoning is in place. It MIGHT put a township at risk, but the underlying cause of the problem can then remain blameless. By eliminating a zoning ordinance, it makes folks responsible for their own actions again.

    Thank you Marty!

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