You Were Saying Something, Laura?

Have to thank the Millennial midwit and now, Laura Cox, for reminding me why long ago I stopped contributing to the MI-GOP. It’s nothing other than pouring money into a political swamp- always donate directly to the candidate. Why you ask? Well, as observed across the nation👇

That’s right, nobody is buying this bullshit story. I mean absolutely nobody with a normal functioning brain is buying it. And, anyone thinking these bastards on The Left aren’t milking it here locally for all its worth before the election has rocks in their head. As if this dickhead wasn’t part of the Hutaree farce, right? GMAFB. You see, a rational minded person is willing to weigh all evidence and opinion BEFORE passing judgement.

Well, not so in the new Cancel Culture MI-GOP.

Laura Cox is the chair of Cancel Culture so, you best not have too much to think or, be sent to Room 101.

“The Michigan Republican Party is not investing — will not be spending any money or time or energy on his race,” Cox told reporters on a Monday call.

“He has some very crazy conspiracy theories that do not reflect the beliefs of thousands of Republicans across the state of Michigan.”

Funny that. Nothing that Mr. Smith said is objectionable, especially, with how corrupt everything has been that we’ve seen so far in 2020.

OABTW, for those with a memory longer than an ant, one could say that the former US Customs agent now party chair has intimate experience with those who allegedly fabricate *things*, yes?

Odd behavior for an AG?

Methinks, it’s a close guess we all know who Brooke “Jordan” is. But, that’s still a cold case so the truth will eventually come out.

Well’p, I hope Lee and Laura enjoyed this casting stones while living in glass houses game. Because with Republicans like them we sure as hell don’t have to look far for enemies.

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