Yes. Democrats Are Gun Grabbers

It's not Republicans who are trying to disarm Michiganians.

gun-grabberYes Michigan, there are differences between the Democrats and Republicans.

Before we start shooting ourselves in the foot and pretending that Johnson-Weld Libertarians are the neo-Republicans from a whigged out GOP, remember that Weld once (and likely still) favored gun control. Not too far away from Weld is Hillary, who quite simply wants to disarm a nation that might fight back as she consolidates power for the final blow.

Let their be no confusion about the current incarnation of the Democrat party, and the need to disarm the people in this state as well. Dressed as an ‘assault weapons ban’ Michigan’s HB-5996 introduced a couple days ago goes all New York State in a ‘New York Minute.’  Banning certain cosmetic features, functional elements, magazines over 10 rounds, and requiring new registrations of legacy equipment is the hallmark of the east coast styled gun grabbers.

The bill’s sponsor Rep. Robert Wittenberg (D-Oak Park) is no stranger to gun grabbing legislation.  He has sponsored (along with nearly all the other Dems) such classics as HB-4590, requiring a license for each weapon owned, HB-4942, a wonderful bill that would allow confiscation of your weapons if anyone ever sees you get mad, and HB-5563, because the 2A marches are scary.

From The presidency to your township officials do your country a favor, and know who you are handing your leash over to.

Some Republicans might well have had their courage removed over the last few years by ball cutting press and billionaire influence, but make no mistake, its not over.  And it is the Democrats who are actively trying to disarm you.

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  1. JD
    October 21, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    "..'Some' Republicans might well have had their courage removed over the last few years by ball cutting press and billionaire influence, but make no mistake, its not over. And it is the Democrats who are actively trying to disarm you..."

    "Some" Michigan Republicans...has quickly (via the Flint fiasco) morphed in to (most) 'ALL' Republicans acquiescing in terms of working WITH Democrats on everything 'bad' BUT guns this year.
    Sorry, but I'll (reluctantly) take my chances on RINO Republicans stopping gun grabbers for the simple reason that not one TeaPartier evidently cares about nearly every damning Senate Bill proposed this year passing 37-0 with Colbeck and Shirkey 'occasionally' putting their finger in the bi-partisan dike.

    Bad gun legislation (and a few go nowhere other issues) will be nothing but the obvious red herrings NEEDED to keep TeaParty types quietly in their own towns 'flash mobbing' on comfy street corners vs angrily protesting on the Capital lawn with helicopters circling overhead ala Right To Work in 2012.

    If TP 'conservatives' are about to blame our fast upcoming across-the-aisle-back-door-dealing-like-no-other lame duck legislative sessions on "Democrats" (an odd reoccurring theme here of late) with 'Republicans' SOLIDLY in control while spitting out BAD/GENERATION CHANGING 'unanimous' legislation like cordwood *WITH* THE COOPERATION of that very party?

    The line between who we all are and where we are all about to end up early in 2017 has never been more blurred.

    Never in the history of this state has more generation crushing corrupt legislation been **UNANIMOUSLY** proposed than what is on the legislative docket RIGHT NOW.

    The fact that nobody is even bothering (or willing) to talk about these grim upcoming bi-partisan rubber stamp voting scenarios tells us a lot.
    Perhaps even more than how cities such as 'Detroit' and 'Flint' (unchecked) have astonishingly spawned our "screw you, we've (now) got ours" upper-middle class/older generational (unholy) attitude currently perplexing our grandchildren.
    Wide ranging bi-partisan corrupt legislation is a lot more worrisome than the shiny little objects (gun legislation, etc.) which both Democrats and Republicans (TPers evidently included) would indeed LIKE us to focus on while they cram so much (real) game changing legislation down our throats in short order.

    We can only do so much. If you think changing a gun law back to sanity will be more difficult than prying the ill-gotten money out of a billionaire or greedy pensioner's hand afterwards...good luck with that.

    I would suggest studying carefully what these crooks are about to hit us with on a cold day in December or January and deciding whether or not we ALL have the stones to march on Lansing to make 2012's 10,000+ and the largest security force in recent history look like a (sparse) 2016 gun rights protest.
    If we do not and something other than guns and the presidential election does not soon take precedence in these discussions?
    God help us all.

    If you do not have a MichiganVotes subscription (free) many here would agree that you get one as these new proposed laws are a whole lot uglier (and about to get worse) than absolutely NO ONE is talking about right here in Michigan.

    Our children will never forgive us if we don't.

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  2. JD
    October 21, 2016 at 4:28 pm


    Perhaps if you're a money-already-in-the-bank pensioner with a "Cadillac everything" plan who is about to be 'bonded out' by no-vote-of-the-people-required Michigan taxpayers in to perpetuity?

    "Guns" are probably the ONLY thing at risk in your screw-everybody-else-who-ever-did-my-job-before-or-afterwards perception of this dark period in Michigan legislative history.

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