Wishing We Were There

Admit it, you've thought about it.

I love Michigan.

It’s an amazing state with resources and some wonderful people.  Sporting opportunities are envied throughout the nation, and it’s the home to the TRUE national pastime, just going for a drive ..because you feel like it.

Unfortunately, we also have our dark side.  The political makeup of the state continually blesses us with governors who not only have no business in supposedly ‘defending the constitution,’ but in fact do as much as they can to abridge it, or outright violate it.  Sadly, we are always fighting the next disaster that is not natural, but caused by the wrong people occupying higher office doing exactly the wrong things.

While the intent of the power seekers we’ve enjoyed might well be truly direct and honorable, their actions reveal ignorance of common sense, economics, law, and for that matter, the reasons we have rule of law and our state and federal constitutions as well.  The very actions taken when crisis arises are exactly what ought not happen.

This could not have been made more clear than with the election of Gretchen Whitmer, an over zealous community organizer, who until being governor was always on the losing team.  Her perspective is made of loser ideas, loser goals, and a retarded view of the republic we live in.  the people who voted for her were clearly stoned.

She belongs in the camp that regrets rule of law, balance of power, and thinks that power itself is the goal of being elected.  The rest of us believe in good governance that treats people with dignity and respect for liberty and personal responsibility as the primary reasons.

Those who frequent this site likely have a predisposition to that last part.  In fact, this might have in light of the past several months sparked some fantasies about bailing out and moving elsewhere.  In fact, I would bet that “Somewhere” lies due west in a particular state that also lies outside of the ‘clamp-down’ norms most of the nation has been experiencing.

Yeah, that place is South Dakota.

South Dakota’s governor is Kristi Noem.  She is the Anti-Whitmer. She is the cure to the overstepping executive in any of the states where business must not only struggle with natural economic forces, but also fight government edicts that are so outside the constitution as to make one wonder how the hell we woke up in a communist country.

Her story is amazing, she is truly a constitutional giant, and frankly she is drop dead gorgeous.

Enjoy this Hillsdale video from South Dakota.  There isn’t 30 seconds where she is wrong. And you will not regret the time spent.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    November 11, 2020 at 10:36 pm

    Wish in one hand and shit in the other- guess which hand fills first.

    Timid allowed Michigan to happen.

    Tomorrow, not so much.

    Thanks Tucker.

    I leave you with this.


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