Winning Our Future

By now, migrating readers of sunsetting RightMichigan are probably familiar with the Michigan Republican Party’s obsession with destroying Conservatives within their “all inclusive” endeavors.

It’s unfortunate and disappointingly true, that the Left’s agenda has crept deeply into the Grand Old Party. Instead of explaining WHY a large Welfare State is not healthy for the individual as well as their families, some Republican legislators are following the pied piper Nerd of Ann Arbor and are growing it. Instead of Reminding us of the Party’s stated mission that high taxes are destructive to economies, some Republican lawmakers wish to fiddle with drastic increases in Use Taxes instead of correcting poor existing allocations. Instead of ‘True love’ as an answer to gross mismanagement for decades, Detroit leadership’s irresponsible behavior would instead be rewarded by a Republican Governor who pretends a bailout of hundreds of millions of dollars is .. well .. somehow not a bailout. The same Republican governor who advocated transparency in his campaign, but vetoed a 100% UNANIMOUS bill demanding transparency; a condition that could be effortlessly over ridden, yet forgotten by Republican and Democratic leadership in both houses.

Add to this, Republican Party leadership who in the face of all this remained mute, leading us to believe there was no problem? That Republican Principles as stated, were doing just fine. That no diametric anomaly was present, and all was well?

Never once did the GOP chair, Bobby Schostak say anything, nor suggest a look to the Platform, advocate Principles, or speak illness from any recipe of the day by Republicans even if it had the unmistakeable flavor of Donkey droppings. Silence for Central Planning schemes of Corporate Welfare redistribution, silence for unchecked immigration preferential employment redistribution plans by the governor, silence when the arm twisting for Obamacare Medicaid expansion began, and silence when an opportunity to prevent Tax increases came up as the statewide amendment vote.

All was well.

By golly, one might suspect that the Party leadership was even non confrontational. One might also think that the MI-GOP’s core function was indeed, a simplistic one; dedicate itself to just collecting folks to vote for one another and rah rah all the Republican campaigns to the finish line.

Of course, one might also find they guessed wrong.

Because, all of the quiescence on display for several years by the Michigan GOP disappeared immediately when one more goal needed a push over the finish line.

Starting at first with those who liked the way things were ‘progressing,’ eventually building to a crescendo unheard of previously. The catalyst of an agenda, derived of poor personal decision making, was apparently awakening the vocal elements within the Republican Party. The apparatus was now ready to quash dissent with cherry-picking the Platform. It was ready to CRUSH any offending element that it deemed a shame to it. It was engaged to disinfect itself of the idealistic scourge which might break chains of those within its apathetic ranks.

The leadership of the GOP awoke, stretching its previously dormant limbs, with reaching out to its chief operatives and provided directives. It pledged resources for non-productive engagement, and promised abandonment for the withering limbs. THE WORD was spoken. A mission was then set. Minions were unleashed to destroy, defame, and deny redress.

A man who would stray from the Platform must be censured, excoriated, and preferably removed for speaking any unspeakable.

But something was discernibly wrong, and somewhere, somehow, the playbooks got mixed up.

The man, Dave Agema, was preaching word from the Republican Platform, and was encouraging discussion important to the individual, strong families, a commitment to integrity, and strong vibrant communities through responsible government. He advocated protecting the children, respecting religious liberties, and enjoining others to the Party under all those premises. He was bringing faith to life, and questioning the evil that resides in each of us; not directly attacking any one individual, but through fostering discussion and garnering engagement.

And for this, the monolithic leviathan defenses of the Republican Party were engaged? For speaking truth into the sulfuric winds of Political Correctness from the ne’er-do-wells bible, THIS was the time to energize into action?

IMG_0002For this, the man who fought for us abroad, and is now fighting for us at home is being abjectly vilified?

For standing up as a Republican, a leader, with growing the Party as a supporter of TRUE individual rights. As a supporter of American family values and as a believer in traditional marriage. As a man who understands that personal choices can and do have consequences, and as one who so loves our country he speaks and acts at great expense to himself. And he shows us that indeed, there are forces with an agenda that is incompatible to what this country stands for.

And for all of that, it was necessary for him to be suppressed by the heretofore silent leadership of the Party who’s playbook he validates? In a bizarre scripted Invasion of the Body Snatchers kind of way, the people just don’t seem the same, do they?

The most recent attempt to stifle Dave Agema by a misguided, maligning Republican apparatus seems to back that up.

But, Agema’s positive approach in facing down the tough issues has won real support from the grassroots. Because of his bold courage to say what needs to be said, or at the very least engage Michiganians in discussions, he continues to earn the respect and trust of constitutional Conservatives who actually see the clear bigger picture of why America is so unequaled.

And because he was nowhere near destroyed in the latest attempt by a wayward Republican Party, he will be a stronger voice for traditional Conservative Republicans. Out of the hottest fire the strongest steel comes with acknowledging some remote messaging weakness, he reaffirms his elected mission on his website:

I want to affirm that my goal is for a better life for all residents of Michigan. I have learned much over the last several weeks and will use the lessons learned to improve on my abilities to further the best interests of all people of Michigan, through my role as a proud member of the Republican National Committee. I have received great response at packed audiences, drawing voters to the GOP. I fully intend to honor the trust and fulfill the responsibilities to those in the Michigan Republican Party that elected me.

As of this writing, with nearly 800 Facebook ‘likes’ garnered in only hours, it is clear he has the unity of many Republicans to help him engage in that mission.

This is leaving no doubt that Michigan’s Republican Party leadership should thoughtfully heed to such attraction.

It IS an election year.

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  3 comments for “Winning Our Future

  1. Tim Bos
    January 26, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    The goal, as well as the perceived enemies of leadership in the MRP, the GOP, and their allies is clear.

    The Founding Principles are the guiding light for nearly all Conservatives in the grass roots, as well as a significant portion of the remainder of the base of the party. And chief among those principles is one that honors and promotes the freedom and liberty associated with a limited government.

    While it's apparent this is something that many in the GOP would just as soon forget, who they propose to replace their Conservative base, and it's votes with, continues to escape me. Especially since I had to agree with Lt. Governor Brian Calley when he said to me last year "We need you to get the grass roots on board with us- because we can't win a single election without you".

    Help me out here. What am I missing?

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    • Jason
      January 26, 2014 at 5:35 pm

      Tim, I am beyond dumbfounded by the short attention span of Schuette and Land in particular.

      We expect the money guys to suck up to payola, but Bill and Terri can self fund, and frankly don't need the box seat gang to garner support.

      They have now pissed off a great part of the grass roots, and put their campaigns at risk for sucking up to the leftist agenda of Gay Marriage, and Political correctness run amuck. People can blame the little monkey Lennox and the log cabin gang for getting panties up in a bunch, but in the end, the politicos who are running races have to be smarter than this.

      Silence would have been prudent under the circumstances.

      They are not like Betsy who must win NOTHING but her husbands love for HER paycheck. They showed us a lack of loyalty that cannot go unnoticed, or unrewarded.

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      • Corinthian Scales
        January 28, 2014 at 9:26 am

        Because, likened to lemmings, when Ron Weiser says jump, the Karl Roveian Party herd says how high with Strategic National reinforcement.

        Terri Lynn Land, and the beloved by some State AG, Mr. Fairness Doctrine, are no exception to the rule. More factually, they are the example to the rule.

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