Who do you Think You’re Trying to Fool, Big Gretch?

It must be a slow Clown News Network and MSDNC day for Gov. “Half” Whitmer trying out for being Creepy Sleepy Joe’s VP pick so, she decided to media-whore this.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is launching an investigation into the failure last week of two Midland-area dams and wants Michigan environmental officials to recommend ways to prevent future disasters.

“Those responsible need to be held accountable,” Whitmer said during a Wednesday press conference outside Meridian Elementary School in Sanford.

“As residents begin the painstaking work of picking up the pieces of their lives from this disaster, they deserve to know why these dams failed.”

We here at RightMi.com already covered who is responsible HERE, and HERE.

So, what Big Gretch is saying now is that she is going to have her personally selected Granholm era environmental lobbyist loon, Liesl Eichler Clark investigate her departments’ $139,277 dollar a year Water Resources Division dunce Teresa Seidel, that created … a map. 🤡 🌎

This woman-made disaster is on AG Nessel and Big Gretch.

End of story.

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  1. 10x25mm
    May 28, 2020 at 12:05 am

    The single most important finding needed to understand these dam breaches is the specific mode of failure of the Edenville Dam. While EGLE should be well experienced in this kind of failure mode analysis (Michigan has had more major dam breaches in the XXI Century than any other State), they are completely compromised.

    Skillful destruction of evidence can leave Michigan residents with a totally warped understanding of what happened and exonerate the guilty. Only an outside engineering firm should undertake this analysis. One with no prior history of servicing Michigan's Democrats.

    The likely failure modes fall into three general categories: hydraulic, seepage, and structural. The exact mode will tell us who was prescient and who was rash leading up to the breaches. Determining exactly which failure mode was responsible will clear out a lot of adjectives now being thrown around as political distractions by Whitmer and 'Deluge Dana' Nessel.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      May 28, 2020 at 7:21 am

      I believe the baseline datum you are seeking to work from as starting point for an independent federal investigation (absolutely NO ONE within our state is fit to handle this) is linked below, dated 09/10/2018.


      Page 2: A. Failure to Increase the Project’s Spillway Capacity, 3

      3. ... Of particular concern is the project’s inability to pass the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF)4 due to inadequate spillway capacity. The Commission’s Dam Safety Guidelines require the project works to be designed to safely handle a flood up to the PMF either by withstanding overtopping of the loading condition during such a flood or alleviating the risk such that dam failure would no longer constitute a hazard to downstream life or property.5 In the alternative, the capacity of the spillway6 must be adequate to prevent the reservoir from rising to an elevation that would endanger the safety of the project works.7 Currently, spillway capacity at the Edenville Project can only pass about 50 percent of the PMF.

      As reference from within this post here, is when the clown show of meddling county commissioners, our rogue DNR, and the stereotypical Our Lake is Dying™/Save Our Lake™ buffoons that inhabit every lake association occurs.

      Page 16: C. Request to Delay Decision on Revocation, 36

      36. On April 12, 2018, the Wixom Lake Association and the Sanford Lake Association (collectively, Lake Associations) requested that the Commission delay its decision related to the revocation of Boyce Hydro’s license until November 1, 2018.77 The Lake Associations request the delay to investigate the possibility of transitioning the project to a public or not-for-profit corporation. On July 30, 2018, the Lake Associations filed a progress report with the Commission stating that a task force had been created for this effort, with a final report due by December 31, 2018. In addition, the Lake Associations have been working toward the goal of establishing lake levels through the State of Michigan. The Lake Association requested that the Commission continue to withhold action on the Order Proposing Revocation.

      Buffoons who sit on boards of lake associations (I know what they are as a lake property resident), especially in regard to the two above, only care about their precious lakefront property values via establishing a lake level to be maintained and, damn (no pun intended) the consequences. Ironically, every lake association always has its ever present barking-moonbat radical Leftist Envirotard lobbyist perched upon their shoulder without respect for human life. Screw The Dam, Save The Clams:

      Anne Woiwode, president of the Sierra Club’s Michigan chapter, said mussels are an often-overlooked, but critical part of the state’s waterways, filtering and cleaning water, among other things.

      “I’ve heard stories of scientists gathering them and keeping them in their bathtubs when there are projects going on so they don’t get killed off,” she said.

      Thankfully the tree-hugging loons always pat themselves on the back because here is a picture of what a demented, financially well heeled, Save The Planet™ career lobbyist female looks like.

      Independent Federal Investigator is a must to get to the bottom of the Whitmer administration's and AG Nessel's woman-made disaster or, all else is just a waste of everyone's time and tax dollars- Period

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      • 10x25MM
        May 28, 2020 at 2:48 pm

        If the Lynn Coleman / MLive video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc3u_CHVHJ8] shows the actual event which breached the Edenville Dam, spillway capacity played no role in the failure. The spillways are running well and the water level is not overtopping the dam in the vicinity of the breach or anywhere else in view. The FERC spillway warning (derived from calculations which are by their nature very approximate) may be generally valid, but this is not demonstrated by the video evidence.

        This breach looks more like 'piping', a form of seepage subversion failure which occurs when these earthen dams get waterlogged and stay soggy for an extended period of time. Piping occurs when you fail to kill off ground burrowing varmints and/or maintain water levels behind the dam too high for too long a time (the Deluge Dana scenario).

        Michigan ground water levels have been rising for the last three years and we probably have a lot of waterlogged earthen dams, so we need to know if our earthen dams are being subverted by seepage. The corrective measures needed by other earthen dams will be much different and probably rather urgent if we are experiencing widespread seepage.

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