When a Fishy Bonehead Chooses to Resemble Tube Steak

Out comes a sleazy shyster to collect a third of whatever the settlement will be.

TranpaKicked out of the bathroom? Hell, I would’ve kicked it out from entering the joint just because of all the metal in its face. Did you catch Clifford at the end? “Wow sounds so embarrassing for her.” Shut your piehole, Carolyn. Your job is to report news, not your opinion.

You know, all of this bizarre indoctrination and, what it’s really all about, forced participation, by those choosing to be fruitloops is getting way out of hand.

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  1. KG One
    June 14, 2015 at 7:52 am

    Hey, it could be worse.

    How would you like to run into him/her?

    OABTW, you'd be surprised at how many drunks couldn't find their way into he correct restroom on Saturday Night Downtown.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      June 14, 2015 at 2:17 pm

      You know, it's unfortunate but, I'm not all that impressed with the Planet Fitness link. It's their property and, if they want to embrace the transtesticle weirdness that's their prerogative. If Planet Fitness believes they can make a go out of catering to a limited number of perverts, go for it. Frankly put, Cormier should've read her contract agreement over thoroughly before wasting her money on a liberal corporation's membership. That's why it couldn't be worse for someone like me nor, would someone like me ever run into a sHim pervert trolling shitters. Others? Well, they just seem to love to be boxed into a corner of being labeled a homophobe when reality is the opposite - they're heterophobes - who are only about forcing general participation into their dysfunctional lifestyle choice by legislative/court hammer. Sorry, but, that ain't gonna fly. Not with folks like me, anyway. Besides, am too old and set in my ways for that crap. The lazy herd of Millennial twats? Yep. That's what the perverts have co-opted.

      So, back to the topic at hand. Show up at my doorstep covered in tattoos with metal stuck all over your face and I can guarantee that will result in a boot-ride off the property. Walk around looking like you have a dick and go into the woman's shitter - expect problems coming your way. The drunks staggering around the Cesspool of Detoilet hypothesis don't hold water with me. Matter of fact, that hypothesis comes across as an enabling defense for the bogus lawsuit that a sleazy shyster will get his cut of a settlement.

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