What’s good for the goose…

Next will we be hearing a rousing defense of Antifa from the Mi-GOP. Maybe even for 31% Conservative Review scoring Rep David Trott?

So if anyone wants to see why the republican party is having a hard time gaining any traction, and wants to see why my predictions of it self-destructing like an Acme dynamite kit are now being repeated by others, look no further than below the fold.

{Continued below…obviously}

I’m not going to go into the lies that have been spoon-fed to the Conservative Grassroots like “Give us the House”, “Give us the Senate”, “Give us the White House”, “We’ll repeal Obamacare right after President Trump’s inauguration”, “We’ll build that wall (and make Mexico pay for it)”, “We’ll give you long-overdue tax reform”.

Not only is this one is a little closer to Michigan, but it should also make people wonder why someone is still drawing a paycheck.

According to today’s Detroit News, Michigan Republican Party’s director of African American engagement Wayne Bradley has been going around criticizing several of President Trump’s actions from his recent (and very justified) pardon of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, to the recent kerfuffle with Antifa in Charloettesville, to ex 49’ers player Colin Kaepernick.

According to Director Bradley;

“Violating civil rights and ignoring the laws does not make anyone a hero,” Bradley wrote. “A lot of people have lost (sight) of what being a Conservative is, this ain’t it.”

This image isn’t what it appears to be.

Obviously the learned Mr. Bradley totally forgot about how out southern border was being overran by illegal aliens? Many of whom who had this penchant for committing crimes against Americans. The state of Arizona even passed a law, SB-1070, to combat this epidemic.

Activist Judges working in conjunction with Pres. B.O.’s Justice Department would have nothing to do with that (one of them even being appointed by Pres. B.J. Clinton himself), so they legislated from the bench that Arizona couldn’t do what the federal government should’ve been doing all along. They painted the issue as “racial profiling” to give it a feel of legitimacy .

Sheriff Arpaio basically said “To blazes” with that, and continued doing his job protecting the citizens of Maricopa County.

Pres. B.O.’s Justice Department made an example of him and the rest of history.

President Trump is 100% correct regarding why he issued his pardon to Sheriff Arpaio.

I’d be curious to hear what Director Bradley would say the family of Kate Steinle, Drew Rosenberg or Grant Ronnebeck

The article goes on about Charlottesville by equating;

“…Confederate monuments as “participation trophies” that “celebrate losers” and sided with calls to tear down reminders of slavery-era Civil War figures.”

Director Bradley is opening a Pandora’s Box is he wants to give into the demands of the Antifa crowd and go down that rabbit hole.

First off, we’re talking about history here.

It might not be bright, cheery and happy all of the time, but it’s still history.

And like it or not, when you really study history, you’re going to see warts and all in the process.

Adding to that problem, giving into the demands of a bunch of spoiled children wearing masks and who like to break stuff, that will never end.

Inasmuch, as I’d love to see the reaction from these kids when monuments venerating democrats like Johnson (both of them), Wilson and Roosevelt and removed and taken to the trash heap, when will it end?

You don’t need to reference 1984 to give you an idea of what will happen if we start doing that. If anyone want to see what will happen in real life, look no further than what Joe Stalin did when he was running things in the Soviet Union should suffice. Portraits taken down. Photographs airbrushed. Statues and busts removed.

And, oh yeah, people started “disappearing”.

Does anyone honestly want to go that route?

Director Bradley then went on about fringe issues like Kaepernick, and the renaming of Cobo Hall in Downtown Detroit (the name was really never a problem until literally just this month).

Debunking this nonsense, which is exceedingly easy for Real Conservatives, is getting away from where I wanted to go with this post.

Readers might recall a similar situation not even a year ago where another Michigan Republican (who wasn’t even paid for her position) was unceremoniously given the boot over her statements regarding her unwillingness to support President Trump.

Remember me?

Her name is Wendy Day.

Look, I can respect people for standing up for their beliefs.But the precedent has already been set by the republican kakistocracy.

And when you’re digging a bigger hole for himself, when you start going off regurgitating arguments straight from the other side…you’re not really a conservative.

Ms. Daniels should direct Mr. Weiser to ask Mr. Bradey for his office keys and hand him his walking papers.

Or they can continue to disenfranchise the base by allowing him to continue to draw a paycheck while spewing progressive pablum.

The choice should be simple.

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  4 comments for “What’s good for the goose…

  1. Jason
    August 29, 2017 at 9:29 pm

    You have some valid points.

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    August 30, 2017 at 7:34 am

    With respect to Team R, I nominate trading Wayne Bradley, for Uncle Hotep: https://youtu.be/a09D6jgyCME

    Regarding portly Wendy... she needs to get over her Lyin' Ted' infatuation. #Schlonged

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  3. Sue Schwartz
    August 31, 2017 at 5:59 am

    Several things need expounding (is that a word?)--We're heard numerous times out of the mouths of the likes of Washerwoman-Schultz's ""afraid he'd be denied due process" when speaking about Traitor Awan. We heard here in TC re: sanctuary cities with a HR Commissioner said she was hoping to guarantee due process to illegal immigrants.

    Joe Arpaio was charged with criminal contempt of court and was DENIED DUE PROCESS. In fact the only time one is entitled to due process is criminal matters--one must be criminally charged (facing jail time) to invoke all the constitutional protections of the 4th, 5th, 6th, 14th, etc., amendments. That means, right to effective assistance of counsel, right to a jury trial, right to a speedy trial, right not to incriminate oneself, right to security in your person, papers and things, and DUE PROCESS. These rights are equal, not one of these rights is more or less important. That being said, Sheriff Joe was denied several of these rights by a judge--who in my opinion should be swiftly removed from the bench. While confident Sheriff Joe would have won this case on appeal, he is 85 years old; thus, Trump did a most compassionate move.

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