I commented last week regarding President Trump’s visit to Washington last week.

Obviously, the legacy media wasn’t going to provide the most glowing coverage of his speech (For the record: They did not).

Oh sure, they had a presence there. Hanging on his every word (along with those speaking there as well). Waiting for that one moment they can glom onto so that they can rebroadcast it as a snippet during the evening news as proof-positive their gaslighting was justified.

Why they consistently fail to display the same level of journalistic integrity when it came to covering “the most popular president in history” ™…well, I’ll leave that up to you.

See the latest example below:

Allow me to go into some of what they didn’t report about, and what some of the rationale is behind it.

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For starters, the one thing that the legacy media was loathe to report on was the actual numbers in attendance. I can only speculate that the people pretending to be “objective” journalists slept through the very first lesson they teach people in Journalism 101.

The “gates” had opened at 8:00am, and people were already parked on-site and waiting to get into Michigan Stars in Washington.

By about 10-11am, you had traffic backups down M-53 going from 30 Mile Road all the way down to 26 Mile Road.

The people I know who got into the event told me that the Macomb County Sheriff had closed the “gates” and began diverting traffic away sometime around 3:30-3:45pm.

All other roads around the venue were closed off to traffic and they were not allowing anyone else in, unless you were a VIP or media.

Macomb County Deputies (VERY politely I may add), were telling people that no one could enter because parking limits were reached.

Now to be fair, SOME the area that was used previously for parking during the two previous events was now partially torn up because they were installing underground pipe and some of it was being used to farm.

This was one of the topics being discussed at an incoherent and disjointed meeting of the Washington Township Board when they were discussing a temporary parking agreement.

Options such as implementing satellite parking were discussed, however the Fire Chief and Fire Marshall were also citing phantom issues that were never an issue at previous appearances by Pres. Trump pertaining to capacity limits.

Items that were not addressed were doing things like drastically reducing the area set aside for media parking, or using other areas around Michigan Stars for parking. There is a large area just north that are used for soccer fields. Some of that could’ve been easily been used as parking spaces.

To their credit, the Washington Township Board did vote to approve the event.

However, and I’m still trying to track down exactly who said this (I was told it was either the Fire Chief, Fire Marshall, Dept. Fire Marshall or Treasurer Nicely), but someone from Washington Township stated that an event like this will NEVER be held in there again.

Yes, I voted against having President Trump appearing in my Township! Don’t forget to vote for me in the next Republican Primary.

Internal local politicking aside, the main point I’d like to make here is about the overall attendance for this rally and what it means here in Michigan. Despite closing the “gates” early, according to President Trump; you had about 7,000 people inside and 21,000 outside of the event watching it on Jumbotrons.

What wasn’t reported is that you still had people trying to get into the event as late at 6:30pm, so the actual number of people who traveled to see Pres. Trump is significantly higher.

Why is this significant.

For one thing, those numbers are something that the democrats would sell their souls for (if they haven’t already done so) at a similar showing in an event for iPOTUS Biden.

This CANNOT be widely reported.

It is no secret that the legacy media hates Pres. Trump.

It is also no secret that there are “republicans” who don’t like Pres. Trump, either.

Case in point: Michigan GOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock was there. Ron Weiser was not.

Those same “republicans” threw a hissy fit when Pres. Trump not only endorsed Kristine Karamo for SoS, but Matt DePerno for AG as well. Adding insult to their fragile egos, they didn’t care when Mr. DePerno called for supporters to “Storm the Conventions” (not exactly what he said…go to the 8:22:27 mark, but we are talking about the legacy media here).

We are not supposed to do that!

We are expected to show up, sit down, cheer when told to, give generously to the candidate we are told to and like it.

How well has that strategy worked so far when it came to promoting Conservative Values & keeping America First?

Whether the republican kakistocracy likes it or not, Donald Trump is still the leader of the Republican Party!

Let me take this time to finish by reminding people that there will be county conventions taking place all across Michigan this evening (Macomb County GOP Convention held 7:00pm at Shelby Gardens in Macomb County)

Show up.

Remind them who really is in charge.

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  2 comments for “What???

  1. sue Schwartz
    April 12, 2022 at 3:34 am

    Attended my county convention. Tried to make a motion that during voting we have a chat with our senator and rep. No motions allowed, HAHAHA so I made the motion, got 2nd and it didn't pass. That's okay. It seems to me that many republicans being held captive, it would be a good time to ask our rep's why the hell they haven't done anything for us. (Gist of my motion) Shame though, screw up on ballot and had to be re-voted. Had new chair read the names it would have been caught that names were missing. Would've been a great time to have that chat. New chair talked to us seasoned political types like we were babies. Even gave a pep talk scripted for her by state RINO's. All in all, good to see old friends.

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  2. Sue Schwartz
    April 13, 2022 at 8:20 am

    Forgot to mention. . .there was actually election fraud in our county convention. Several names were missed on the ballot.
    So they recalled the already voted and outstanding ballots. Thing is, people left after they voted and were not there for the second ballot. There was no accounting of the first ballots--how many and what happened to them--and the second ballots. classic election fraud. Sure wish the motion would have passed. Would've made it easier to pass the time. If this happened in a precinct near you. . .?

    Spent a lot of time yesterday explaining procedures the new guys witnessed which didn't seem right to them. Somebody should have explained the procedures to the County Chair. Many people couldn't hear my motion but enjoyed my frazzling of the Chair. Numerous calls on how to file a complaint. . .wanted to go to election commission, FEC, or state GOP as if what happened anyone would care about protecting the vote at every stage. My answer, you experienced election fraud and welcome to my world.

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