WBTW Detroit Town Hall Wrap-up

So, here is my wrap up from last Thursday’s We Build The Wall Town Hall in Detroit.

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First off, despite CS’ sardonic remark, I do want to give him a H/T for posting the link to the video of the Town Hall from their website. Based upon the material that I received from them before the event, I had no idea that they would record and playback everything back in its entirety.

I did know that they would they have people on-hand to show excerpts (OAN was one of the event sponsors after all), so kudos to them for the time and effort in that area. The guy from Channel 7 (the only local TV station covering the Town Hall), closed up his laptop and left with his videographer shortly after 7:30pm.

Despite its length, if you haven’t watched it yet, the interviews along with Q&A’s are over two hours, I’d recommend giving it a go, even if it is for a few minutes at a time over the next several days. The material is even more enlightening and disturbing than my initial take on the subject. I knew that the situation was bad, I just didn’t know how much worse it was until hearing the speakers. If the information at the beginning of the Town Hall doesn’t get you angry, the accounting of what happened to the Terry Family along with the Angel Moms & Dads will.

As I mentioned earlier, I had a long day. Deciphering my notes, DL’ing the images (the video was now a moot point) and writing this piece wasn’t an option before the weekend.

That having been said, here it is from an attendees perspective.

After parking, I walked over to Cobo to get an idea of just how big the protest crowd was from the other side.

Talk about being under-whelmed!

Sure the pro-illegal alien crowd was there…all 25 of them.

Most were wearing black. Several hiding their faces (despite the relatively warm weather Thursday Night). Some were carrying signs. There was some sporadic chanting here and there (the same protest chants they’ve been literally using for decades now). A few of them were itching for something to go down.

How do I know about that last item?

Because, I walked right through the crowd and struck up a conversation with some of them.

Nope! Nothing even CLOSE to the number of attendees inside of Cobo.

Nothing ever did though (outside at least). DPD had Tactical Services and their Mounted Division on-site watching the protestors standing on the corner of Washington & Jefferson.

I told them to have a good day as I walked away, crossed the street about a block away and into Cobo Hall.

I came across more DPD and unusually large number of Cobo security walking around the inside. LaRouchies handing out more of the same stuff they always hand out at political events. And Michigan 13th District Chairman Dave Dudenhoefer…

In as much as I’d love to sign, I don’t live in the 13th.

Security went unusually quick as I went inside of the Macomb Hall (aka Hall B) looking at the evening’s setup and talking to a few other attendees. Pretty good-sized crowd from across Michigan given the last minute change of location.

Former US Rep. Kerry Bentivolio speaking to DPD at WBTW Town Hall.

Again, not knowing that this event was going to be recorded in its entirety (and simulcast on OAN), they were VERY GOOD and getting things started on-time.

It’s nearly time, people…

My take aways from the Town Hall itself:

Contrary to what had been widely reported, after the republicans and democrats had essentially given up on addressing the ever growing problem with illegal aliens, WBTW had not. The WBTB fundraising efforts are still occurring (more below) and after consulting with experts on maximizing the use of their resources, they are hoping to begin constriction on the first section very shortly.

Also, contrary to the reports. Using an “Open Box” analogy as it not being a practical and viable solution towards securing our border, they are not planning to construct a physical barrier along the entire length border.

Brian Kolfage along with Sheriff Clarke speaking to OAN’s Neil McCabe about their first-hand assessment of the situation at the border. Hint to politicians: ditch your security detail and go on your own to see what’s really going on.

Based upon their assessment of the problem, to maximize the use of their funding, physical barriers will be constructed along problem areas of the border and other means of monitoring will be used in others.

Where physical barriers are in use, they will also employ means of monitoring any interaction in, around and even UNDER The Wall.

We all know that the foot-dragging in regards to illegal aliens comes down to a purely unspoken bipartisan effort. The democrats like signing up potential voters and then turning around and giving them entitlements. Right now the net cost to America is just north of $100-billion. Please note that I said NET COST. Apologists for illegal aliens always like to use the arguments that illegal aliens pay taxes while they’re working here.

The entitlements that they receive greatly offset those taxes.

The republicans like the fact that they are an excellent source of cheap labor.

And other sources of revenue…

Rep. Tancredo (Ret.) illustrated that point when he mentioned his efforts to use remittances illegal aliens send back to Central America to fund border wall construction are not stymied by democrats, but by significant donors to the republican party itself.

He cited a problem that he had with a company called First Data. They had lobbied his office in opposition to his proposal. At first he had done some digging to find out more about them as well as their rationale for their opposition.

First Data just so happens to be the parent company of another company known as Western Union. The very same Western Union that illegal aliens use to send money back home.

After their efforts failed to dissuade Rep. Tancredo. They began to apply pressure to republican leadership to obstruct the process of moving his proposal through the legislative process.

Rep. Tancredo spoke of republican leadership telling him that he can place his bill in the hopper, but that they will make sure that it NEVER is brought up in committee as long as they have any say on the issue.

This explaining why Pres. Trump never went this route.

If you haven’t heard their stories, I’d highly advise listening the Terry Family (I’ve mentioned his situation earlier here) and Angel Moms & Dads.

Kent Terry & Kelly Terry-Willis discuss with Neil McCabe and Brian Kolfage what happened to their brother, US Border patrol Agent Brian Terry.

If the drain on our resources or threat to public health from diseases that were once eradicated in America making a comeback don‘t change people‘s minds, their heartrending stories offer an irrefutable argument that illegal alien apologists cannot defend against. Let them justify the roughly 4,000 Americans killed by illegal aliens.

Bringing in other countries problems DOES NOT make America a better nation.

Wanting to end this rundown on a more upbeat note (aside from the roughly 750 WBTW attendees from my headcount…not bad given the last-minute venue change), one of the attendees happened to own a quarry in California. He offered to donate a very significant amount of building material for wall construction.

Rep. Tom Tancredo (ret), Joy Villa, Brian Kolfage, Kris Kolbach, Brandon Darvy, Sheriff David Clarke, Mary Ann Mendoza, Steve Ronnebeck, Kelly Terry-Willis & Kent Terry listen to attendees during the Q&A session during the end of the Town Hall.

So, wrapping things up here, I’d like to add that even though they did a good job of keeping the riff-raff out of the hall, one agitator did manage to make his way in.

Steve “Motor City Muckraker” Neavling (aka self-proclaimed “local journalist” around Detroit) got into it with one of the WBTW Town Hall attendees and was promptly removed by WBTW security and DPD.

And to all of my followers, I’d like to ask all three of you to help me raising my bail money…

He claims that he did nothing wrong.

This writer, whom happened to be standing about 25-feet away differs with that “ I-didn’t-do-nuthin” defense.

Why would “peaceful” protestors wear facemasks with nothing but T-shirts? Click on image and see for yourself.

I would like to finish with this; if this issue matters to you, don’t bother waiting on our non-representing elected officials to do their jobs. They have interests other than the well-being of our republic they are paying more attention to. The democrats are angling for voters and big-time financial donors to the republicans have convinced them to look the other way and just pay lip-service to constituents regarding this issue.

If you want to learn more about We Build The Wall, you can read more about its efforts at their website.

If you want to contribute, please consider doing so either through their GoFundMe page, or by making a direct financial contribution to this address:

WeBuildTheWall Inc.
PO Box 131567
Houston, TX, 77219-1567

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    March 17, 2019 at 2:40 pm

    Sardonic? Really, after a day passes? Uh, it took another 48 hrs for this post... lighten up, Francis.🙄

    Besides, I'm pleased that President Trump, went the EO route. It identified the twelve rat bastards in the Senate, and the fake constitutionalist in Michigan's CD-3 and, career swamp rat in CD-6.

    Ps. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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    • KG One
      March 17, 2019 at 3:11 pm

      Hey, I'm doing my part to combat unemployment...I was working over the weekend.

      You ever try typing something out while behind the wheel?

      Anyway, thanks, I'm off to observe the "High Holy Day" with friends.

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      • Corinthian Scales
        March 17, 2019 at 3:35 pm

        Hence, why video was posted following day, thus, lending time for your on-the-ground writeup. Nothing about it being mocking. Just keeping current events ... yannow ... current.

        Cheers! {clink}

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  2. Jason
    March 17, 2019 at 2:43 pm

    GReat write up. Worth the wait IMO.

    Thanks KG!

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  3. Sue Schwatrz
    March 18, 2019 at 3:39 pm

    KG soooooo jealous. Had tickets, but couldn't get my ridemates to make it to Detroit. Soooooo ThankQ. But, I did get Trump Tickets. See you on the 28th????? Easily identifiable as I'll bee wearing my red Trump hat. Plan to be first in line. Pray for good weather.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      March 18, 2019 at 9:06 pm

      Hat? Ma'am, perhaps, you might want to wear one of these to ward off any potential hate crime attacks?

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