Two More Conservative Events!

MCU and MCC Hosting two more gatherings in this 60 days.

MCC-MCUConservative Michigan activists will have no shortage of training and communications building in the next 60 days.

On Jan 29 at 6 PM to Jan 30 at 4 PM, the Michigan Conservative Coalition puts on inaugural “Battle Cry Michigan” event, ostensibly aimed at helping activists “Take back our party” at the Firekeepers Casino.

Saturday starts off with “State of the Party” addresses on both the national and local level. After lunch, which is included, you will hear from those who are fighting the battles and their winning techniques. You will be equipped to go back to your county and make a successful difference in bringing the Republican party back to its conservative roots.

Questions can be directed to   or phone 616-987-1124.

MiCPAC – Michigan Conservative Political Action Conference returns to its roots at the original location Saturday, February 27, 2016 at the Holt, Michigan, Capitol City Baptist Church. 9AM-5:30 PM.

MiCPAC is the headliner event held each year by Michigan Conservative Union (MCU). The Friday night VIP reception will be in Lansing with featured speakers, special guests, sponsors and donors. Several Presidential candidates have been invited, and there will be a straw poll. Organizers say:

MiCPAC is the one statewide place each year where all conservative elements are represented and network, including economic, social, evangelical, life, 1st, 2nd & 10th Amendment, liberty, tax limitation, academe, think tanks and business leaders, tea party and other grass roots leaders and activists.

Among the significant items we will address are
• preparations for the presidential primary and conventions;
• the true nature of Michigan’s political process, corruption, fraud and lack of transparency;
• the most significant messages from the founding of the Nation;
• proper relationships between church and state;
• The true nature of conservatism and why it remains relevant today;
• strategy and tactics for electoral and legislative victories;
• Why Michigan’s public education keeps skyrocketing costs despite mediocre results;
• How we must defend the Constitution and avoid another risky Constitutional Convention
• How and why we must encourage more Christians and conservatives to pursue public office
• Changing public policies by changing public knowledge and attitudes
• Updates on projects Kirk and Friedman, Operation Watchdog and working task forces
• Working effectively with, and supporting, other organizations in Michigan on common goals
• Effective strategies and tactics for the 2016-2018 election cycles
Michigan Conservative Union has been Michigan’s foremost conservative leadership team since 1975. A portion of MCU Membership applies to MiCPAC

With all of the political races and events happening this year, these are cannot miss events!

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