Thought Carrie Nation was an Abject Failure? Try, Allah Nation

The first question should be, much like any homicide, does current statute prevent anything? If no, then what’s the point of criminalizing another whole new group of people other than to backdoor prohibition?

State Rep. Abdullah Hammoud concedes that his goal is not just to eliminate drunken driving. He wants to keep anybody who has consumed any amount of alcohol from getting behind the wheel.

“Drink, or drive,” said Hammoud, D-Dearborn. “Choose one. It should never be both.”

Hammoud, 29, a non-drinker with a background in public health, introduced a package of bills last week that would lower the threshold for drunken driving to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.05, from the current 0.08.

Hammoud a non-drinker? Allah-Shazam! Guess what? He’s a non-pork eater too. Shall we criminalize eating bacon? Why not, Abdullah’s Democrat Party buddy, Alexithymia Ocashew-Cortex wants to ban cow farts, and am pretty sure pigs fart too so, let’s not offend any moslems, right? 🤦‍♂️

The opioid crisis and legalized marijuana also might have contributed to the rise in deaths from 2014-17, Ellis said, but nobody has factored that into the total. The standard when he was a police officer, he said, was to test for alcohol in accident victims, but not to bother with an expensive test for drugs once drunkenness had been established.

So basically, what Hammoud is hanging his legislative hat on is all based upon unsubstantiated bullshit. I believe there is a word for that…. oh, that’s right- kitman.

I just love that somehow, Utah is dragged into the conversation.

Utah tourism officials were vehemently opposed to the proposal to lower the limit, and the state beverage association took out newspaper ads in neighboring states and USA Today that read, “Utah: Come for vacation, leave on probation.”

Fred Boutwell, the operations director for the six Market Street Grill and Market Street Oyster Bar restaurants in greater Salt Lake City, said he saw a slight early drop-off in alcohol receipts after the more strict BAC law took effect.

But he pointed out that Utah, where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints discourages drinking and about 55 percent of the residents are Mormons, is not the best test lab.

Bingo! There’s a solution for Abdullah. Let’s just move all the non-drinking cults into Utah… and, build a wall around it.

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