THIRD Party Rumblings (2nd Party, really…) and the REAL SOLUTION.

The Republican Party Needs an Enema! (barring that, some competition)

As individual operatives, patriots, and the “simply ticked-off” Americans engage in the political process once more in the intra-party politics of conventions, let us remember, this is not the only avenue. As you see the corruption and tactics of evil men in the party (holding onto their power at all costs) unfold, remember and that every road has its own pitfalls, opportunities and rules. Remember also, competition is a healthy consequence and a rich conservative tradition that Republicans have apparently forgotten when it applies to them or within their ranks. Consider the following…

With the primaries behind us for this election year, the disappointment and anger felt over those who lived sacrificially for the cause of liberty over the past 6-months-to-a-year is apparent and understandable, adding to the apathy of the spectators (who, if they’d actually gotten involved would have made a difference, but instead sought to confirm their apathetic notions with self-fulfilling prophecy after complaining). So now, I see people saying they’re thinking third party as recourse to the electorially ab[w]horrent behavior of the evil men and women in power in the Republican Party.

I’ve written about this before, and it always happens when people actually get involved in the electoral process, who naysay’d early warners beforehand about what kind of corruption and illegal activity is going on to keep the “right” people in power, from the highest offices in each district to the lowest. (Interestingly, the lower office you seek, the harder it is to find out how, which in itself is a means to keep power. Nice, huh?)

However, before anyone who reads this gets wound up with emotion about the issue, pro or con, consider the following with your higher intellect first, please. (For those who like conclusion first papers, skip to FACT 9, and then come back and read the rest. All others who prefer a logical progression to revelation, continue…)

FACT 1:  The Progressive Party (Democrat/Republican) has the rest of us painted in a box; the more we work against one of the parties in power in the general election, the more the party-of-minority-ideology gets elected with a MINORITY vote. Current election law says the highest vote-getter wins, nevermind sometimes that means a person with as little as 40% of the vote will get elected. (I remember a primary vote one year in Van Buren County where the top vote-getter only had 25% of the vote, and still won.)

FACT 2:  The Progressive Party has given itself in election law all the rights and privileges of the ruling class in the process, that is, for debates, they have the sole right to be there; for internal affairs, they have the sole right to self-manage.  Other parties have to seek their approval for certain things, like branding, which is why you have a national entity called the American Conservative Party, and yet locally, the same party is called the U.S. Taxpayers Party: They tried to change their name from the top down, and couldn’t get approval from the Ruling Parties; this is probably also the reason why other parties do not have primaries, which may be entirely an internal management issue. On this I don’t know, I haven’t investigated it, but it seems reasonable that it may be the case, and therefore, blocked by the Ruling Parties if other parties were to choose a primary process.

FACT 3:  The Progressive Party also gets unbridled coverage from the media on their scripted circus called the Primary Process and conventions, which other parties apparently do not get to engage in under a media blackout. Where is the Primary for the Libertarians, or the coverage of their convention, or for the American Conservative Party, or even the Green Party or the American Communist Party for that matter? (Dirty Secret: The American Communist Party is behind and has become the Democrat Party, so they don’t want to show you what they are about. They maintain a facade only to make you think/assume there is a difference.)

FACT 4:  The practice of a RUNOFF ELECTION is done for the (supposedly) Non-Partisan Judicial Branch, that is, the Primary Election is used for the initial vote, and then the top-two vote getters have their “runoff” in the General Election. Runoff elections are also practiced for every race in the Progressive Parties’ internal convention politics, in union politics, and many other organizations taken as serious institutions in American society.

This brings the intellect to ONE BURNING QUESTION:  WHY?

Answering that question is not the purpose for this article; deliberate honestly upon that question yourself. Rather, this article sole purpose is to provide the ONE THING that would change the rest eventually, the removal of the ONE BARRIER that would evoke the most change toward the restoration of the Liberty that the Power of the People needs to be unleashed once again in our model of Representative Democracy (Republic) and away from Direct Democracy, more of what we have today with the manipulation of the media and the Progressive Party (which gives the appearance of Republic only). Consider a couple more facts…

FACT 5:  Change is provided for in the law via legislation, signed by the executive branch; OR, by the Will of the People via their State Constitutions when their government fails them, that is, a Proposition that changes the Constitution, which then overturns law by making a new law that carries the weight of the Highest Law by which all other laws must now be judged.

FACT 6:  No elected Progressive Party official is going to get behind anything that changes the state of affairs that gives their parties power. Therefore, the recourse in this regard must come from the People themselves.

THE SOLUTION:  A Proposition changing all elections in the State be conducted, using the runoff model, from the President of the U.S. on down.

FACT 7:  The Progressive Party, and their unelected appointees, have made Propositions extremely difficult to get on the ballot, by design. A proposal must fit a specific set of guidelines, including exact formatting by paper dimension, margins, indentations, and print font to name a few. It must be reviewed by a board for compliance to their codes, from format to language, understand-ability (and I think a measure of whether or not they agree, but that’s just me). A pamphlet can be downloaded from detailing how it is done, but the overall process is found here:

FACT 8:  SOMEONE with the time and legal savvy needs to take this idea forward, say an attorney-patriot who wants to do some pro-bono work to do a little thing called, saving his country from an evil government, starting with his state. (Aside: Lead by example! Once our state does something like this, it will spread.) Please start with the language I’ve worked up below. Note: This will only work if any editing of the language further parses it down concisely around the same idea with the same result; otherwise, you are wasting your time.

FACT 9:  A THIRD PARTY is UNELECTABLE without this solution. Engaging in third party politics will only hasten our demise by allowing the fast track to Communism of the Democrats. Electing Republicans may be Democrat-lite for now, but unless the Republicans can be re-co-opted by American Constitutional Patriots, competition from a Third Party is the only other option, and the road to do that is RUNOFF ELECTIONS.

Language in Resolution format:


WHEREAS, vast swaths of American citizenry are not being represented in government, and;

WHEREAS, current election law has allowed for the situation to arise repeatedly that the candidate with minority support, but with the most focused vote, producing the most votes without a majority, to be elected in both primary and general elections up to the highest office in the land, the Presidency, and has produced a government which under-represents the People,and;

WHEREAS, the aforementioned has produced Anti-Constitutional ideologies to creep into the Rule of Law, unchallenged without the time and money most citizens do not have, and the Judiciary via precedent law, and in defiance of the Michigan Constitution and the Constitution of the United States and;

WHEREAS, the most substantive organizations see the value of, and make use of, the proposed runoff election strategy within their respective internal politics, lending value to the proposal as an understandable simple measure to better represent the People of the State of Michigan, who hereby, seek redress of said grievances.


  • That all elections (primary and general) in every Michigan electoral district, as applicable to the office sought, must be won by a simple majority (50% +1 or more) vote of the votes cast;
  • That any election not so won must result in a runoff election between the two candidates winning the highest number of votes;
  • Runoff elections would be held on the 4th Tuesday after original election date, 4 weeks later.


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  4 comments for “THIRD Party Rumblings (2nd Party, really…) and the REAL SOLUTION.

  1. Jim
    August 17, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    It seems to me they had a runoff in Mississippi recently. How did things work out with that?

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    • Jason
      August 17, 2014 at 8:37 pm

      Interesting and relevant point. Of course the invitation of illegal voting (people who had already cast ballots in Dem primary) by establishment was not such a good idea.

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  2. Tom
    August 19, 2014 at 10:04 am

    Looking for info about Green Party...

    I am running for local office and will have a Green Party ballot line.




    Good times, comrade Tom

    Sincerely, CS


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    • Paul Peterson
      August 21, 2014 at 7:54 am

      Of course, article in now way advocates any Leftist Parties (unless, of course, as a strategy to split their votes). But instead of all this trickery and games, the logic is about a process that is honest and above board so voters know what they're getting. I think the vote the first time around would be much more honest, too, as people quit worrying about "throwing away their vote", knowing that if they do vote honestly, their candidate is more likely to get in the "second chance" drawing (so to speak).

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