“They don’t need to be subjected to it.”

I agree, we, Americans, do not need to be subjected to this. It is not an honor to depend on deviancy to be accepted. Looking at you, Nessel…

“For every generation in every country, every day, there are issues upon which an individual can take a stand,” the assignment description reads. “This assignment asks you to think about what concerns you in your community, your state, your country, or the world.”

In bold, the description reads: “Choose an issue about which you feel strongly and take an stand for or against it.”

The only topics explicitly “banned” in the assignment description were topics written about in another class or “anything that is awkward or inappropriate for a school audience.” Abortion, for instance, was listed as an “inappropriate” topic.

At least the school district identifies baby killing as bad, evidently, their comeuppance was identifying two of the same gender copulating as bad, too. Notice what I did there? Yep, two genders.

It’s a cesspool. You, Michigan, elected it.

Them boys👆…. gentlemen’s wager?

You Betcha! (23)Nuh Uh.(2)

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