The Case for Strategic Bipartisanship to Dump Rick Snyder

In lieu of the Flint water crisis, our very own Governerd, Rick Snyder, has become the focal point of national fury. While grassroots patriots have hated him for many years for his Medicaid expanding, Common Core pushing, tax hiking, socialism-loving ways, the rest of the country is following suit! But what has dismayed me is to see many conservative Republicans defending this turkey. What gives?

To a certain extent, I understand the inclination to defend him. It’s not like Democrats have been fair with their attacks. They have made it into a racial issue, of course. The fat idiot Michael Moore interjected himself into the mess, and everybody hates that guy. They have shirked the blame from the corrupt and incompetent local Democratic city officials, and made Snyder the fall guy. By doing so, they have given grassroots patriots a golden ticket.

Usually we in the conservative movement are fighting millions of liberals tooth and nail to get anything done. This time we have millions of liberals who will potentially do our bidding. There is a common cause that has formed between us. They want to get rid of Snyder because they see him as a child-poisoning, neglectful monster. We want to get rid of him because he is an oathbreaker who made a mockery of the Republican Party platform. This is a clear win/win that we must be smart enough to embrace.

Don’t fall into the trap of defending this guy. He injured your pocket book the same way he injured those children in Flint by hiking taxes and spending to astronomical levels. He ravaged you with the Medicaid expansion. He bailed out Detroit. He raised the minimum wage. He pushed Common Core. He palled around with radical Islam. He has laughed in your face repeatedly as he has disgraced you at every turn. Now it’s payback time. Let’s not squander it due to petty partisanship.

Here is something else that should get your blood boiling: Ronna the RINO’s media blitz to defend the child-poisoning nerd. Snyder is at least partially responsible for an embarrassing tragedy that has shamed the Michigan and the Republican Party on a national level, and Ronna seems to think it’s water under the bridge. Meanwhile, she treats Dave Agema like a leper because he posted some mean words on social media. Agema was thrown to the wolves for merely expressing his honest opinion while Snyder poisons an entire town and everything is hunky dory in establishment land. I guess you really can get away with anything when you are a part of the good ol’ boys club.

Reaching across the aisle to oust Snyder has additional benefits as well. This will not only disgrace Snyder, but will also disgrace his RINOs-in-Training Bill Schuette and Brian Calley who are poised to keep the Snyder legacy going after he jumps to Washington D.C. Frankly, Schuette belongs in a jail cell for what he did to Mark Baker and his family. He would be tainted with the negative legacy of Snyder if he was disgracefully booted from office. So would Calley. It would be much easier to take the Republican Party in a much more conservative direction with Snyder out of the way, and that goal is within our grasp.

Confused detractors to this common sense plan will pull out the tiresome ‘lesser of two evils’ canard. They will scare you with horror stories about the Democrats. They will say that the Democrats will come in, hike spending, institute new taxes, bailout liberal wastelands like Detroit, promote socialized medicine, do Obama’s bidding on education, and so on…. Oh wait, that is what Snyder has done throughout his tenure as Governor! He has done a better job of carrying Obama’s water in Michigan than a Democrat ever could. With Snyder disposed, we could actually have a Republican legislature that acts as a brake against these liberal policies rather than giving them a rubber stamp because of the Governerd’s arm-pulling.

If you still have feelings of sympathy toward Snyder, ask yourself these questions: Would you have accepted his excuses from Hillary? Would you have accepted his excuses from Obama? If not, then why the double standard? Snyder put the Emergency Manager system into place in an arrogant show of contempt for the voters who rejected it. It took a disastrous situation in Flint with the bankruptcy and the destitution and made it drastically worse with an environmental meltdown of catastrophic proportions. He needs to be held accountable. And now there is a bipartisan effort emerging to make it happen. Let’s seize destiny while we can and make a better future out of this mess our government has created.

The GOP establishment gang has talked about ‘unity’ ad nauseum. Now it’s time to give them what they have asked for, good and hard, as we unite behind the noble cause of throwing Snyder under the bus for his crimes.

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  1. Kevin Rex Heine
    February 12, 2016 at 12:49 pm

    Very well-written, Shane, and I agree wholeheartedly. Though we may have issues with the stated causa provocare for a now-live recall effort, the point is that we now have a live recall effort on a turd in the punch bowl that we really need to flush. As we go about actually collecting the necessary signatures, we also ought to point out the Nerd King's abysmal track record over the past five years (all of it is fair game on the campaign trail), and the various signature collectors will all have their favorite reason for jumping aboard the train.

    Emily Lawler points out four changes made to the Election Code in 2012 that were designed to make recalls more difficult, but there are a few more that we ought to keep in mind (and I certainly hope that Mr. Lazarus has accounted for):

    • According to MCL 168.969, if the current recall effort actually makes it to the ballot, and then fails at the ballot box, the targeted elected official is then immune to further recall efforts for the remainder of his current term. This is a big deal, not just for the recall of the GoverNerd, but also for the senate recall campaigns currently underway. To paraphrase Niccolò Machiavelli, if we're actually going to go after the Nerd King, then we'd better get him.
    • According to MCL 168.975e, the reasoning for demanding the recall of the governor, as set forth in the petition, shall be printed on the special recall election ballot used at the special recall election in not more than 200 words. The causa provocare on the current live recall petition states: "Gov. Rick Snyder signed Executive Order No. 2015-9, filed with the Secretary of State, on March 12, 2015, creating the State School Reform/Redesign Office within the Department of Technology, Management, and Budget, under Section II of the Order." . . . which most people aren't going to understand. The question in my mind is, can we petition to modify the reason for recall (to perhaps add signing into law 2015-PA-0174 and 2015-PA-0176, which is the causa provocare driving the senate recalls and house primaries)? If we can, then perhaps we should.
    • According to MCL 168.975g, a vacancy in the office of Governor, caused by recall, shall be filled consistent with Michigan Constitution Article V § 26 (the lieutenant governor immediately becomes governor). This is different from the rest of the recall campaigns under 2012-PA-0417, in that the governor is subject to a public up-or-down vote on his fitness for continued service in office, instead of a mulligan on the 2014 election. Should this effort, or any effort to recall Snyder, actually make the ballot, and then actually be successful at the ballot box, Brian Calley becomes the new governor the moment that the vote totals are certified. IF the recall is successful before this year's end, then Calley will only get one term on his own (he almost certainly will seek such term in 2018), as he will be filling more than half of Snyder's remaining term.
    • According to MCL 168.67, a vacancy in the office of Lieutenant Governor shall be filled by a senate resolution, with a recorded roll call vote, and the appointee must be of the same political party as the governor (though I don't notice a timetable for that resolution and vote). So, consider whom the current senators might elect to the vacancy in the LG's office, and then realize why the senate recall campaigns, all 18 of them, now become very important.
    • . . . So, if we want to get Snyder, then we do indeed have an opportunity now before us. If the petitions can be mass-produced quickly enough, then perhaps we might find ourselves with a reason to hang out outside our local polling stations on Tuesday, March 8th, as opposed to simply showing up long enough to vote.

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  2. KG One
    February 12, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    No debate from this end, Mr. Trejo (do a search on the old site about the last Snyder recall to see exactly what I mean).

    The problem that I see here is two-fold.

    First, as was pointed out above; is getting the required number of sigs.

    The approved ballot language is (not very surprisingly) another reason to yank Rick Snyder from office for actions that shouldn't be on the radar of anyone who refers to themselves as a republican.

    The SSR is just the EM law being repackaged, although I don't think that there will be any money attached to it to make it referendum-proof this time around. The fact that it isn't even being discussed as being under the Michigan Department of Education should be a huge red flag right there. Michigan's track record with turning around failing school districts (see Exhibit "A" - Highland Park Public Schools) is abysmal and the only purpose for it that I can determine is to serve the purpose of assuaging the conscience of those like Rick Snyder and other well-connected republicans to the detriment of the Michigan Taxpayer as a whole.

    During the last go-round, I floated the idea of working with the other side to get the job done.

    We were no at cross-purposes for the end result, so there shouldn't have been any problem whatsoever.

    I learned the hard way that was a hilariously unrealistic idea first-hand when I made some feelers to both sides (I had not let those on the other side know where I stood politically), and all I got back an extremely vitriolic response to even the mere suggestion.

    The second is the "one-and-done" provision of the updated law that raised even my eyebrows over my coffee just a few minutes ago.

    I wish those behind this campaign the best of luck with their petition (I'll even sign it when I come across one), but with everything that I've seen, heard and read, I'm getting that this is more of a reaction to the things that Rick Snyder has done, rather that a well-thought strategy on actually getting him out of office.

    Sadly, I see this just cementing the final years of his term unimpeded (save someone impeaching him from office).

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  3. 10x25MM
    February 12, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    Let's start with the direct cost of the Flint water fiasco: $ 232 million and climbing. A lot of road funding down the drain.

    Michigan government bureaucrats at several different levels, in different units of government, created the Flint water fiasco. The decisions which created the Flint water fiasco were deliberate responses to the predation of one unit of government - DW&SD - on another unit of government - the City of Flint.

    Governor Snyder claims complete ignorance of what Michigan's bureaucrats were doing at the time. Governor Snyder's curiosity was not piqued by massive protests in Flint. Michigan's bureaucracy also concealed the Genesee County Legionnaires' Disease clusters from him, if he is to be believed.

    Governor Snyder has completely failed to come up with a viable plan to deal with the core issue in the Flint water fiasco: chemistry. He is pinning his hopes on phosphate additions which may or may not work. And will not work in a timely fashion. The Flint water fiasco will continue to be front page news, right through the November election. Democrats and their stooges in the media will see to this.

    Governor Snyder has been completely captured by Michigan government bureaucrats. They own him body and soul. Everyone knew this after Proposal 2015-01, they just did not understand how dangerous this was. Governor Snyder does not know what Michigan's government bureaucrats are doing, and he cannot control them. Michigan's government bureaucrats have become a very expensive, fourth branch of government.

    Defending Government Snyder is a fool's errand. The Democrats and progressives are already using Governor Snyder as an exemplar of the Republican party and conservatism. He is not, but Michigan's Republican pashas defending him will make him our exemplar. Given the optics of the Flint water fiasco, defending Governor Snyder will elect Hillary and destroy Republicans down ticket.

    Governor Snyder could do the honorable thing and resign, but his visit to a Flint food bank yesterday suggests he is embarking on a campaign of self abasement instead. This is confirmed by his surrender to progressives in his FY 2017 budget. He is trying to restore affection with Michigan taxpayers' dollars.

    So Governor Snyder has to go. Don't expect Democrats and progressives to do the deed, however. They now have a captive akin to Senator Virgil Smith. They will use that captive relentlessly to achieve their goals. And delight in the irony that it is a Republican governor fulfilling their goals.

    Something Michigan's Republican pashas need to carefully consider. The wealth of Marcus Licinius Crassus could not restore luster to Governor Snyder's reputation. Are they willing to stand idly by?

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    • KG One
      February 12, 2016 at 3:08 pm

      I'm not so sure about the d's not wanting to broom the guv out of office.

      Many of the people that I've talked to locally want to recall his behind like a bad Toyota like you wouldn't believe, especially over the situation with DPS.

      And even though I run up there every so often, I don't deal with very many locals from Flint, so I cannot get a good gauge of what the sentiment is there. From the little I do talk to, the feedback isn't very good.

      I wouldn't put it past the d's to use him as the r's did with Sen. Token, who will loose any effectiveness he had after the judge approves his plea bargain (and yes, the Judge WILL approve his plea bargain), they're just not showing their hand.

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      • 10x25MM
        February 12, 2016 at 3:24 pm

        Never confuse the Democratic rank and file with their devious, unprincipled leadership. The Democratic leadership are stoking their rank and files' anger over the Flint water fiasco specifically to get their way on DPS. $ 750 million dollars from Michigans' taxpayers.

        Flint water has become Snyder's Sword of Damocles. The greater the public anger over Flint, the more Governor Snyder caves.

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        • KG One
          February 12, 2016 at 3:36 pm

          Agreed (on that second part anyway...comparing Snyder's spine to that of a wet noodle doesn't even begin to do it justice).

          As to the rank and file...I'm not 100% sure this time around.

          Things are a little different in a way that I cannot really quantify to anyone living outside of the Tri-County Area, except to say that things just don't feel right.

          The d's can "think" that they have a lock on their base, at their own peril.

          Just off of the top of my head, "Santa" Sanders' standing in the polls should put that theory in doubt.

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          • 10x25MM
            February 12, 2016 at 4:06 pm

            Unlike the Republican establishment, the Democratic establishment never takes their 'lock' on their rank & file for granted. Trevyon Martin, Michael Brown, UVA rape situations are constantly sought out and publicized to motivate the Democratic base. Now they have Flint water. The problem with such agitation is one can never predict where it will end up. Once set in motion, angry crowds can do terrible things.

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            • KG One
              February 12, 2016 at 8:14 pm

              My point exactly on why it might not be under as much control as they might think.

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            • JD
              February 13, 2016 at 12:39 pm

              "...Once set in motion, angry crowds can do terrible things..."

              Tell that to those of us who were under the tent with knives slashing it to pieces at Right to Work or attacked on the steps of our own state capital in full view (again) of those sent there to protect us.
              All of this focus on 'Snyder' or a tiny handful of politicians under threat of recall (intentionally?) ignores the bigger picture of patriots past and present called to action who never showed or certainly never acted "angrily" before or after the fact.

              Where WAS the "anger" when these people were being poisoned over these past few years? Did "liberals" in Flint and elsewhere across this state have a patent on DEMONSTRATING it at that time? CONSERVATIVE LEADERSHIP HAS HAD LEGISLATORS/PRECINCT DELEGATES AND OTHER 'LEADERS' ALL ACROSS THIS STATE "CHANGING" REPUBLICAN PARTY FOR 7(?) YEARS NOW...YET NOT ***ONE*** OF THEM KNEW ANY MORE THAN MIGOP LEGISLATORS CRAFTING 'SURPRISE' PRESS RELEASES THE DAY *AFTER* SNYDER CAME CLEAN???

              What I'm seeing now is 100% akin to the IRS scandal when Tea Party leadership (all across the country) knew full well that every contribution sent their way was being 'compromised' by the IRS in real time. As money innocently poured in to defend a movement being attacked on all sides (see Courser/Gamratt here in Michigan last year) top leadership refused to inform contributors. Why? they chose NOT to "set in motion angry crowds" due to political expediencies similarly tied to not their OWN goals but GOP 'timing' considerations.

              I want to hear the stories (both past and present) as to how poison and possibly death was being handled on OUR end over the past two years in EACH precinct delegate's district. For some reason, we are insisting that we can indeed lead the people of this state from a sinking ship if we but ONLY make a captain walk the plank.
              If we come at voters this fall with the insistence that NOBODY in the MiGOP (hard core conservative or not; locals especially) outside of Snyder/the usual suspects knew ANYTHING about this tragedy before January...including us?

              The 'doubters' we need(ed) were indeed correct about us after all.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      July 22, 2017 at 7:41 am


      For good reason:

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