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RoadsBill-2Take a vote, not a vacation.

We knew what it meant.  There is plenty to ponder from RightMichigan on the subject of expansion.  We knew it was a mess to begin with.  We knew it was going to cost more.  So did the Governor.

But how soon were the real costs supposed to kick in?  Perhaps before the great relentless positivist moves on?  We knew that the federal portion would not last, but could not have predicted how quickly this scam on the citizens of our great state would implode.

Combined, the budget hole could be about $700 million. So the options could include covering fewer people, cutting back on benefits or paying providers — doctors and hospitals — less.

But we couldn’t have THAT.

Or could we?

The largest proposed change in Gov. Rick Snyder’s executive budget is to use money freed up by a tax hike for roads to pay for the state’s Medicaid expansion

Some money is fungible.

Remember it was SOLD as smart money management.  Only 470K more folks on health welfare by 2021.  Yet here we are 5 years early, and as of April 4, 593,681 participants are setting us up for continued realignment of our spending priorities.

Don’t worry about those roads.

They’ll be back for more soon enough.

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