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Action Alert - Call These Reps.

And make a call. TODAY.

Rep. Kevin Daley, chairman of the Ag. committee, presented a letter on the House floor yesterday and asked for his fellow representatives to sign. He got 10 representatives to sign the letter. Ten?? This letter basically is telling the governor to throw out both the Declaratory Ruling and the Invasive Species Order.

This all comes on the heels of the ruling by the judge in Marquette County stating that the Declaratory Ruling is definitely unconstitutional. Read the article here.  The ruling however technically affects those within the jurisdiction of the judge making the ruling.  The letter will clarify more fully, and allow the process to move forward with prejudice.

The current signers of Rep. Daley’s letter are as follows:
Daley, Denby, McMaster, Shirkey, McBroom, Crawford,  Goike, Lauwers, Schmidt, Glarden, Graves

By tomorrow morning call and tell the names below, that “we the people” want them to sign this letter. We are asking that you contact your own representative, and the four listed below.

The only reason a representative would be unwilling to sign such a letter is because they don’t believe in the Constitution. If you find this to be true, we need to know who those representatives are . Our votes across the state in August and November will reflect the actions taken today and tomorrow on this constitutional matter.

Here is the contact info for 4 members of the House that we want everyone to contact:

Bruce Rendon 517.373.3817 BruceRendon@house.mi.gov
Joel Johnson 517.373.8962 JoelJohnson@house.mi.gov
Peter Pettalia 517.373.0833 PeterPettalia@house.mi.gov
Rick Outman 517.373.0834 RickOutman@house.mi.gov

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