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Memo to Michigan’s Gang Of Polyps: Don’t Even Think About Trying to Pull This Crap

Read this: https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=230575

More details here. Remember, the Magic Underpants/Nelson Rockefeller wing of this state has already circled their wagon around ¿Yeb?Asian anchor babies” Bush. GOPe has gotta Hispander, you know?


Ps. Ken Cuccinelli could really use a big cup of STFU.

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Guam Tips Over

Irritating GOP 'operative' lands on the wrong side of the island.

ReaganPlaybookLennoxTeam Cruz has an issue with its vetting of campaign tools.

At least as far as the former GOP chair of Benzie County is concerned.  Adrian Poulisse, a Cruz supporter and local chair has written a memo of concern to Cruz headquarters, and cc’d to  Wendy Day (State Cruz chair) Pat Colbeck and Saul Anuzis, titled: “Dennis Lennox is no good for the Cruz Campaign” The memo starts with

“Dennis Lennox has been a divisive figure in Michigan Politics over the last half dozen years. He has been controversial since his time in college. He has manipulated his resume and has a history of malfeasance while serving as an elected official.”

And then points out a number of references to Lennox’s political activities.

Lennox has recently been given the job as a consultant to try to get the 9 delegates of Guam on-board the Cruz team.  The weight of this, even  on such a small island must certainly have its effect. Sometimes stupid decisions like stupid people, are a fact of life.

Poulisse made clear in the memo that it will serve as his letter of resignation if Lennox is considered “a must for the Ted Cruz team,” pointing out the likely resignation of others in the organization.

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Megyn Kelly sez “Misson Accomplished”

It rolls just like clockwork

Hillary Clinton confirmed during a rare Q&A session with the press on Monday that she found Donald Trump’s “blood” comments about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly “outrageous.” However, she added that some comments about women’s health from Trump’s rivals at the GOP debate were equally “outrageous.”

“I said it was outrageous, I stand by that,” Clinton said of Trump’s words. “I think more people should say the same.”

More ad nauseam here


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