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Heritage Action’s Stephanie Kreuz In Traverse City

Heritage Action's Stephanie Kreuz speaks before the Traverse Bay 912 Regular Meeting July 15

Information is everything.

Some of you might be aware that the Traverse Bay 912 meets EVERY TUESDAY, and hosts different speakers on a multitude of topics. Some of an informational nature (government operations, policy etc.), and some more political. The TB912 group enjoyed the presentation of Stephanie Kreuz, and it is now a part of our video speakers series.


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Article V Debate In Traverse City

What is an Article V Constitutional Convention and why did the Michigan Legislature apply for it?

912TBIn recent months, there has been an interesting divide in conservative politics on the efficacy of holding an Article V constitutional convention.

Points have been made vigorously on both sides of the issue. Some argue that an article V could get out of hand, while others see it as a way to harden  constitutional principles firmly with specific goals.  The fact is, that average Joe hasn’t a clue of what it entails, what the risks are, or what might be unexpected outcomes.

Here is an opportunity to hear both perspectives presented in a debate format among good friends; each, who are solidly on either side of the question.

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