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Meat Wagons

State of Michigan Cautions human carnivores ..

Meat-racoonBeware the meat trucks!

The state has made an exceptionally important announcement for those who would consider buying from an unknown person who shows up at your door selling ..meat.

“Although door-to-door meat sales can offer the ease of being able to shop at home, these types of transactions can also provide an opportunity for some bad actors to take advantage of their customers,” said MDARD Director Jamie Clover Adams. “Consumers should always do their homework before making a purchase, to safeguard their health and their pocketbooks.”


Never buy meat from an unrefrigerated vehicle or from the trunk of a car.

This taxpayer funded intellectual exercise brought to you by a full time bureaucracy, funded by a full time legislature that is too busy planning gas tax hikes.

And if the meat doesn’t taste so fresh?

Door-to-door meat sales are also regulated by the Michigan Home Solicitation Sales Act, Public Act 227 of 1971, which outlines your rights as a buyer and your right to cancel the sale and return the product within three business days. Details of this law can be found at http://legislature.mi.gov/doc.aspx?mcl-Act-227-of-1971.

“Excuse me, I would like to return this raccoon meat you sold me a couple days ago”

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