#SurrenderCaucus: Sakwa-Led Sabotage Plan Backfires Spectacularly in 11th District MIGOP

It’s been a jubilant year in the wake of Trump’s ascension to the Presidency, but the excitement hasn’t lasted. I regret to report to you that the Trump wave is already being aggressively squandered by the same, old, establishment Republican forces. Activists in the 11th District Republican Party made national news for their efforts to get Trump elected. Instead of embarking upon a new era of unity, the establishment actors decided to kick their deceptions up several notches at last week’s county convention.

The Oakland County GOP convention actually got off to a good start. After a series of grueling conventions, there was a sense that all involved wanted party unity and a smoothly-conducted affair. It ran fine up until the point when delegates were slotted into their district sub-caucuses. From there, establishment forces showed that they were not acting in good faith but instead were leading principled delegates into an unsuspecting ambush. The Trump ‘kum-ba-ya’ moment was not meant to be. The establishment cares more about pride, ego, and control than keeping the peace and crushing Democrats, and their agenda couldn’t be more obvious.

First, Matt Maddock was elected chair by an overwhelming margin. This is what usually happens, but due to Chairwoman Theresa Mungioli’s unilateral slaughter of over 500 precinct delegate posts throughout Oakland County, the result was not as certain as it was in convention’s past. Unfortunately for the establishment, their dirty tricks backfired, and Matt easily claimed the chair. Instead of taking their loss with dignity and self-respect, they rushed headlong into a new series of dirty tricks. This latest disgrace has perhaps obliterated any lasting opportunity for party unity once and for all.

After Maddock was elected to his position, there was a fierce debate over the rules. Discussion was called, and delegates began to speak. In spite of a tense atmosphere and heated animosity between the grassroots and establishment factions, none of the establishment lackey speakers were shouted down. Even as they were spewing deliberate falsehoods and other ignorant nonsense, they were granted their right to speak. On the other hand, Matt’s wife, Meshawn wasn’t treated with the same respect. She was Co-Chair for Trump in Oakland County and led Michigan Women for Trump. She was one of the most influential and hard-working Republicans out there working to turn Michigan Red Again. She went around the state at her own expense on Trump’s behalf to stage events and even invented the flash mobs that went viral and spread to other states as well.

When Meshawn got up to speak, she was shouted down by approximately 1/3rd of the audience. She couldn’t get a word in edgewise against the screams of these cowards. Her hard work for Republican victory was treated with bullying, disrespect, and outright rule-breaking. Around the same time, MIGOP Co-Chair Jeff Sakwa read an interpretation of the state party rules. Precinct delegate Dewayne Cogswell then read a different interpretation of the rules that was at odds with Sakwa’s interpretation. Instead of more debate and discussion happening from there, the establishment acolytes resorted to Gestapo tactics. They issued their demands. The grassroots was ordered to accept Sakwa’s spittle-laden babble as if it was a Royal decree, or they would walk. And walk, they did. After a contentious vote, the establishment gang (“Surrender Caucus”) abandoned the proceedings to go to their own little “safe space” where they wouldn’t have to deal with pesky little things like Democracy and a fair process. Although many members of the surrender caucus wore Trump-related gear, these sore loser tactics more resembled the temper tantrums from Hillary supporters than anything we saw from the Trump campaign.

The establishment had operatives set up as guests to make this obviously-calculated outburst seem more legitimate. Those bought-off hacks were supposed to dupe precinct delegates in the room, but it backfired! Enough delegates were appropriately trained and experienced enough not to be deceived by these cheap parlor tricks. The GOP establishment was unable to con enough delegates out of the room to disrupt the meeting. The Maddock-led 11th was able to produce a quorum, which is what is needed under Robert’s Rules of Order to lawfully conduct a meeting. The histrionic theatrics of the establishment had officially failed! The establishment soon realized that they made a very grave error.

In a fitting bit of irony, the entire convention was conducted smoothly from that point on, and the best numbers for conservative and liberty-minded delegates were delivered yet! After the bad actors ejected themselves the room, everything was hunky dory. In a sense, the swamp drained itself in the 11th District last Thursday! With the surrender caucus removed, principled conservative delegates treated each other with respect, rules were followed, and harmony persisted that was like a breath of fresh air. It didn’t last very long though. After failing to rally enough quitters to sabotage the 11th District sub-caucus convention, members of the surrender caucus returned. They actually had the nerve to attempt to bully city sub-caucuses in a last-ditch attempt to get themselves elevated to be State Convention delegates. Unfortunately for the quitters, most of the city sub-caucuses had already adjourned by the time they came crawling back for table scraps.

It’s hard to see how the 11th District can recover any semblance of party unity after this calamity. Trump supporters are being rewarded for an amazing victory by having their faces spit in by petty tyrants. The swamp rats are really pulling out all the stops to keep the grassroots cucked and confined on the sidelines. Personally, I’ve been on the losing end of these conventions on more than one occasion. In fact, at my first several, we were beaten by a 2-to-1 or more margin. We were not happy about it. We could barely get a word in edgewise at times. It was frustrating, and there were many contentious moments during conventions, but we never quit on the GOP. We never took our ball and went home like 5-year-olds. We never sabotaged the proceedings, tearing the party to shreds, for the purposes of grabbing power like the Surrender Caucus did last night. We were accused of wanting to do such a thing hypothetically, once upon a time. Deranged OCRP Ex-Chairman Jim Thienel (video evidence of his corruption here and here) even flooded a county convention with a massive police presence that could have otherwise been out solving actual crimes because of his paranoid fears. When the rubber hit the road, it ended up being the establishment gang of Benedict Arnold’s who actually exercised the nuclear option and took a wrecking ball to the party for personal gain.


The surrender caucus has already repeatedly threatened to challenge the convention results. Because the Co-Chair of the MIGOP, Jeff Sakwa, was a direct participant in this incomprehensible display of divisive pettiness, it is difficult to believe that the State Party would rule in favor of the good guys. The conflict of interest here is so glaring that it cannot be denied. This means that the 11th District will possibly have to reconvene and do this entire fiasco all over again. Sakwa was even bragging to delegates that the farce would have to be re-created, as if it was a feather in his cap to inconvenience and stymie delegates needlessly.

This loathsome display shows that further action is needed. It wasn’t enough to drain the Washington D.C. swamp by electing Trump. We must go the extra mile against all of these local and state-wide swamp rats. Trump getting elected was a great start, but now is the time to roll up our sleeves and get serious about eliminating corruption. The unhinged and bizarre behavior of the surrender caucus certainly shows that the establishment is vulnerable and feeling the heat, but we must stand strong. We must not reward this behavior. We must put up candidates for district chair seats and other positions who have proven records of good behavior. Leaders who have demonstrated and tested their meddle. Ones who will not tolerate these shenanigans. And most importantly, we must vow to never quit on this fight.

I invite you to look in the faces of the Surrender Caucus as they made their walk of shame. Notice how some of them are covering their faces out of embarrassment. Realize that many of these folks have salaries that are funded by you, the taxpayer. Let’s work to make sure they are replaced with delegates who won’t immediately throw in the towel as soon as the going gets tough.

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  1. KG One
    January 31, 2017 at 6:08 am

    I had indicated before that the next round of elections (especially the gubernatorial race) would be interesting due to the fact that the republican kakistocracy would be pulling out all of the stops to "exert" themselves.

    These are not people who want to support and promote REAL Conservative Values & Philosophy as demonstrated by their previous actions (i.e. Mandatory autism coverage in Michigan, Snydercaid, Detroit Art Tax, Detroit Bailout, DPS bailout, GLWA, gas tax and vehicle registration fee hike...just to name a few), but view the Republican Party merely as a social clique where they can mingle, network and promote their own personal pet projects at the expense of Michigan Taxpayers

    It was disappointing, but not surprising, to hear about the treatment that the Maddock's received.

    I have met them both as several Trump events last year, and based upon that contact, the treatment that they received was shameful!

    But based on other recent events, I see this as just the tip of the iceberg.

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  2. Sue Schwartz
    January 31, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Shane, We, the People, sent a loud message to Washington: DRAIN THE SWAMP (DTS). This momentum continues at home and its our duty as citizens to end the political careers of any politician who fails to represent us. Career politicians whose careers we've successfully ended (and those soon to end) haven't gotten the message.

    While we Deplorables were celebrating our win, the dispicables were regrouping resorting to those techniques which they believe worked for them in the past--ignore, abuse, harass, name-call, etc. This occurred in every county convention in the state. Key Phrases echoed throughout "unity/compromise"; while neither is necessary. The RINO-rous dispicables are afraid, very afraid, and are determined to deny to the country the Trump momentum. I saw the vote outcome--they've been Trumped.

    In Michigan's First Congressional District it's been decided without us, that we need a PAC to fund "quality" candidates in the mid-term elections. "Quality" evidently has been defined as those politicians voting to raise the perpetual gasoline tax. These "quality" politicians violated their oath and failed to represent us when their only duty is to UPHOLD AND DEFEND the Constitution. Give me one good reason why would we want to fund the current crop when our only motivation as citizens should be to end their political careers forever. I trust the silent majority will continue draining the swamp.

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    In Michigan's First Congressional District it's been decided without us, that we need a PAC to fund "quality" candidates in the mid-term elections. "Quality" evidently has been defined as those politicians voting to raise the perpetual gasoline tax. These "quality" politicians violated their oath and failed to represent us when their only duty is to UPHOLD AND DEFEND the Constitution. Give me one good reason why would we want to fund the current crop when our only motivation as citizens should be to end their political careers forever.

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  3. Paul Peterson
    February 3, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    Easy answer: Don't let them have a do-over. You had a quorum. Shove it up their, I mean, down their throats. Keep the power you rightly took from them. The tide has turned. Don't give up yourselves. They wouldn't give you a do-over....

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  4. Tom Jenks
    May 24, 2018 at 8:26 pm

    Matt is incompetent and has no clue how to run a meeting. He does not know or understand parliamentary procedure. His incompetence and all the things he did wrong at the meeting, were so bad, THE STATE PARTY intervened and overturned the results, not Theresa.
    The only flash mob was Matt's minions and my apologies to all the children, it was not my intention to insulted one of their favorite cartoon characters.
    The biased tripe written by this author in favor of Matt's incompetence is astounding. It is Yellow Journalism and Edward R. Morrow is turning in his grace.


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