Subject: Debate on Obamacare Repeal Centers on Medicaid.

Here’s How States That Expanded It Are Doing.

Jack Bergman needs to vote NO on the Ryan Plan for Obamacare reform. The hell with Snyder and the Rhinos in Lansing! DRAIN THE SWAMP!  See Michigan results in the PDF attachment. —>  ObamaCare-Expansion-is-Shattering-Projections

Why are we funding Medicaid for ABLE BODIED ADULTS?

From the Article at Daily Signal:

“But health policy experts say the Medicaid expansion has been detrimental to the budgets of states that embraced it and the resources available to populations the Medicaid program initially was designed to help.

“We see this as a moral issue, because what states have done is create this new category within the Medicaid program, which is a program that was originally intended to serve [the] aged, the blind, the disabled, low-income families, pregnant women—[those] we think about as the truly needy and truly vulnerable,” Nic Horton, a senior research fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability, told The Daily Signal.

“Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion changed that in states that accepted it,” Horton said.

In a November report, the Foundation for Government Accountability examined enrollment projections for states that expanded Medicaid.

Twenty-four states projected that 5.5 million newly eligible Americans would sign up. In reality, the number of able-bodied adults who enrolled in Medicaid was more than double that, nearing 11.5 million, according to the most recent data available.

The Deplorable One!
Cedar/ Sedona

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Jim Fuscaldo

James Fuscaldo is a retired attorney with degrees in law and science. He has a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and a Juris Doctorate in Law from John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois. He was employed by Broadlawns Polk County Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa; Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, Indiana; Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, Illinois, and The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Michigan before retirement. He had been actively engaged in the following areas of the law during his 30-year legal career with The Dow Chemical Company. International Law. ( European Economic Community and Latin America) Intellectual Property Law. Commercial Business Law, including compliance with Federal Antitrust and Unfair Competition Laws. Federal Bankruptcy, Mergers and Acquisitions. Federal, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law and compliance with Federal Trade Commission Regulations. Product liability litigation pertaining to prescription and nonprescription drugs. James served as General Counsel for Dow Chemical Latin America and General Trademark and Copyright Counsel for The Dow Chemical Company and was a member of Dow’s corporate legal management and supervisory team before retirement from Dow. In 2013, he received a Constitutional Defender Award from the Constitution Celebration Committee, and has been active in local politics in Northwest Michigan for several years. 

  5 comments for “Subject: Debate on Obamacare Repeal Centers on Medicaid.

  1. KG One
    March 11, 2017 at 8:38 am

    I wouldn't be holding my breath on this one Mr. Fuscaldo.

    Even if the Capitol Critters DID get off of their sorry duff and put in an honest days work for a charge, one of the many changes in Washington Pres. Trump is insisting on that republicans (and democrats) are fighting tooth and nail, I just don't see Congressional republicans having the heart to do what they told voters that they would do when they ran last fall.

    Ryan and McConnell should have had the Obamacare repeal on Pres. Trump's desk way back in January. Just how many versions the they try to get through when Pres. B.O. was running America into bedrock?

    The fact that republicans waited this long to so, along with putting it under armed guard and squirreled away in some hidden recess where apparently no one could read it, shouldn't give anyone any reason to be optimistic as to where the Obamacare repeal is really going.

    Michigan republicans are just as easily complicit in preserving Obamacare and obviously the votes that they can buy with it with other people's money.

    Case in point: Despite the recent barnstorming PR campaign across Michigan to promote the Michigan republican "action plan" (which is cute since Michigan republicans have been pulling off the same lame PR stunt for years now), there is NO mention of ACTUALLY repealing Obamacare nor Snydercaid within it (just read page 14 to see what I mean).

    Face it've been duped!

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    • Jason
      March 12, 2017 at 9:10 am

      Last week was a little busy, but I wanted to point out that Slick Rick traveled to DC to protect the health welfare expansion he worked so hard to stick us with.

      What a disaster.

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  2. Sue Schwartz
    March 12, 2017 at 7:24 am

    Congressman Bergman--are you listening??? Any bill that does not immediately repeal all the taxes and penalties is an absolute NO vote. Any bill with even a scintilla of mandates in any manner shape or form is an absolute NO vote. There are no "good provisions" in Nobamacare--keeping the stay on your parents policy until 26 Is BS. These are mostly able-bodied adults who should be self-supporting by this age, if not, let them join the armed-services. It goes without saying that any Bill giving out "tax credits" in any way, shape or form, defeats the repeal. Any bill that ties our health to anything to do with the IRS is a no-brainer. And, death panels--really??????

    Repeal, repeal, repeal. Then after it's repealed, there is no need to replace--return us to personal responsibility. And monies stolen from Medicare, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, AND US, to illegally fund Nobamacare in the first place, needs to be immediately stolen back. And the repeal needs to be retroactive to the beginning, but I'll settle for January 2017.

    Lastly, Obamacare was NEVER about health care. . .

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    • KG One
      March 12, 2017 at 9:32 am

      We all know that Obamacare had nothing to do whatsoever with healthcare.

      It's purpose was to destroy what remains of the best health care system on the planet and transfer a large chunk of voters into a docile & servile bloc, whose support can be readily trusted in each and every election. Even a cursory read of the arguments made by Obamacare supporters during just the last week alone should give any observer the same conclusion that this is their only argument.

      No, those same Obamacare supporters won't address the exploding insurance costs, rising deductibles or insurers who cannot get out of the market fast enough. All they'll talk about is more people having a plastic card with their name and number on it somehow equating to the "right" to healthcare.

      I still stand by my same prediction above on how this "repeal" will eventually turn out.

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