Stephen Henderson, why do you have a Free Press reporter playing fast and loose with the facts?

This is an update to a post that I wrote yesterday.

Let me start off by saying that sometimes I get feedback on what I write. Usually e-mail. Sometimes face-to-face. Last night/this morning it was different…someone actually called me. I didn’t recognize the number at first, but later found found out afterwards it was through a mutual friend.

I got some complements on what I wrote, but they wanted to know why I stopped where I did.

Truth be told, I was on the Eastside for most of that day. I didn’t have enough time for a more thorough follow-up because of my own schedule.

I spoke to them about what was missing and asked them to forward me some links for verification.

It’s amazing what gets “omitted” in a product put out by “professional” journalists. In this case, The Detroit Free Press’ own Niraj Warikoo.


Mr. Warikoo is The Freep’s religion writer, but he does spend a considerable amount of time covering the events in Dearborn. He knows the people living there and what they have done or are doing.

He cannot deny this.

Last week, he wrote an article on the uprising of parents in Dearborn over a flyer promoting an Easter Egg Hunt at a local church.

The first problem with the article in your paper?

It wasn’t parents. It was in one.

No problem. Just change the headline and hope that no one took a screen shot.

With any luck, this story will be ignored by the national media and everything will quietly go away.

Except Fox News, The Daily Caller and The Blaze had already picked it up (which probably explains why drivers in Chicago and Cincinnati were asking me over the weekend what I knew about this).

With that horse out of the barn, the piece focused on the separation of church and state argument..

But, if this were just anyone on the street, you might have something.

The problem here is that Mr. Moughni is an attorney.

He was involved in the counter-protest to Terry Jones’ rally in Dearborn not that long ago. He has some experience with what the First Amendment actually says.

A person with his education should never have invoked that argument.

Sadly, another fact omitted from the original Freep article.

Now to be fair, The Detroit Free Press did print a follow up piece yesterday evening by staff writer Marlon Walker.

It was a far more balanced article, but squashed the gist of the earlier article.

Writing two articles within days of each other, on the same subject, but with polar opposite details regarding what has really happened should be an embarrassment to any legitimate newspaper.

Mr. Henderson, you would be doing your product a service by explaining to your readers exactly how this was allowed to happen, and what will be done to prevent a similar circumstance from happening in the future.

The region already has enough bad press to go around last week.

We don’t need to people charged with reporting it, to turn around and make things even worse because of shoddy and unprofessional work.



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  2 comments for “Stephen Henderson, why do you have a Free Press reporter playing fast and loose with the facts?

  1. Corinthian Scales
    April 7, 2014 at 12:48 pm

    Every red, white, and blue blooded American knows that it just ain't officially an Eggstravaganza without some bacon, mmmm, bacon!

    Oh c'mon, KG, does ya really believe any of the crap? Warikoo sez Moughni is a "moderate" musloid, remember? Siblani, is a truthful musloid, too. Slay 'em with BAMN, John Dingell, and Mayor Puddingpants love. Why Hell, both Moughni and Siblani only have the best interest of the children of Dearbornistan in mind. Not that the musloids of Deabornistan have a damage control issue with one of their assistant principals with a slew of felony charges for harassing the shit out of his wife birthing unit property or, anything like that.

    Besides, what's a little more litigation jihad amongst all the "pro U.S. Constitution" multicultural Diversity (All Hail Diversity!) crowd of a musloid dominated City Clowncil, and school district, anyway?

    On top of that, what could be better to interject himself into things other than having one of propagandist Warikoo's #FF of the 'unindicted co-conspirator' CAIR, race pimp and Detoilet chapter leader of Bedouin moon pagan's Totalitarian militaristic Political System hiding behind calling itself a religion.

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  2. KG One
    April 7, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    Short version, there was a lot more material that was sent to me (even more than you posted).

    I only posted material that was relevant to the posted (and poorly re-written Freep article).

    I'm holding onto the rest for future use.

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